CAS Project

For my CAS project, I decided to create a workout program which was researched in order to help prepare me for a powerlifting competition. The purpose of the program was to share my knowledge with my friends who had similar goals and the goal was to increase my strength by 10% which would help with […]

Why Study History

1) If we understood the struggles people went through and how they triumphed, we can further understand the present and develop independence with more confidence 2) Without the memory of the past, our society would not be able to develop 3) History teaches us who humans are as individuals 4) Without the truth, man cannot […]

Reliability of HS in research

The production of knowledge in Human Science is too riddled with issues to give any credence to the claims of experts. Do you agree? I disagree with the statement as Human Sciences are studied with depth. Human Sciences can produce questionable claims and data when looking at individual characteristics of an object. However, Human Sciences […]