MUS 9: End of The Year Reflection.

It has been an eventful year in Music for me, as I've been introduced and (forced) to do new things and explore new elements in music I've never tried before. In this post, I will be reflecting on the final tests/assessments of the year. A common theme among all these assessments: unsuccessful. In the final two-part playing test, we were asked to perform a set of 6 six scales of our choosing and a piece (jazz solo), very similar to the one last time. My performance... was also very similar to last time. In…continue reading →

Ternary Composition Final

A Writer's Journey This is a follow up to the ternary composition draft that was submitted earlier, and the final product of many weeks of work. This 24 bar composition features an "A-B-A" melodic progression, where it is the final puzzle picture, pieced together through both the 8 bar composition and 16 bar composition drafts done previously. Of course, just because this is the final version does not mean that it is perfect; even though I have improved upon the comments that were given to me in my ternary draft, there is still much…continue reading →

Responding – December Tests

Recently, I was tasked with two music related assessments; a theory and playing test. In regards to the theory assessment, I believe I did not do the best that I could; in fact, I believe I performed quite poorly. A lot of time was wasted by being too carried away in one section, hence, there were many questions I had to skip over. This was due to my lack of efficiency in completing the problems (which were not particularly difficult, however, there were many steps I had to take in order to get the final…continue reading →

Aquallegro Reflection

Over these few weeks in Music, we have been starting every class by doing an aural training activity; Aquallegro. This has been improving my musical hearing ability, primarily in terms of recognising intervals. I will be showing results of three practices I've done, ones that I feel reflect my improvement in ear training the best. At the start of the year, in August, I achieved a score of 70%; a decent score for my first attempt in ear training. However, keep in mind that for this quiz, I only had Minor 2nd and Major…continue reading →

Harmonic Minor Scales – Info, Work, Answer Sheet, and Reflection.

Please click the links to view the files. Information Sheet Worksheet  Answer Sheet In the past few weeks, we have been working on music theory; this includes minor scales, intervals, triads, and alto and tenor clefs. We were tasked with researching an assigned topic, hence creating a presentation to teach the class, as well as providing exercises for better reinforcement of information. My group has chosen to do the Harmonic Minor Scale. In hindsight, I believe there were some flaws without presentation, however there were also many positive aspects of our work. Firstly,…continue reading →