MUS 9: End of The Year Reflection.

It has been an eventful year in Music for me, as I've been introduced and (forced) to do new things and explore new elements in music I've never tried before. In this post, I will be reflecting on the final tests/assessments of the year. A common theme among all these assessments: unsuccessful. In the final two-part playing test, we were asked to perform a set of 6 six scales of our choosing and a piece (jazz solo), very similar to the one last time. My performance... was also very similar to last time. In…continue reading →

Ternary Composition Final

A Writer's Journey This is a follow up to the ternary composition draft that was submitted earlier, and the final product of many weeks of work. This 24 bar composition features an "A-B-A" melodic progression, where it is the final puzzle picture, pieced together through both the 8 bar composition and 16 bar composition drafts done previously. Of course, just because this is the final version does not mean that it is perfect; even though I have improved upon the comments that were given to me in my ternary draft, there is still much…continue reading →

Stella By Starlight Final – “THE DREAM”

Jazz Solo, Final As the jazz unit comes to a close, so does the completion of my jazz solo. At the start of this unit, we were tasked with the challenge of creating a jazz solo for the famous jazz song "Stella By Starlight", which was the first time that I have written a jazz solo. To be honest, I felt unconfident and uncertain with this assignment; learning new rules such as 7-3 resolutions, ligons, digital patterns... this was all highly unfamiliar to me and I struggled to compose the solo. However, all…continue reading →

8 Bar Composition Final

In response to the feedback I received to my draft, I had made a few changes in order to improve my final product. One of the major things I did was to change the harmony so that it would correspond with the melody. I received a lot of criticism due to the fact they did not sound 'as one'. The changes I made intended to unify both the melody and harmony to make it more smooth and easy for the ear. Furthermore, I also included some minor chords such as 'ii' and 'vi'…continue reading →

8 Bar Composition Draft

Please click the image above to view it clearly. Here is the audio recording of the composition. Please leave some feedback in the form as comments below, commenting on the musical features within my composition.continue reading →

Responding – December Tests

Recently, I was tasked with two music related assessments; a theory and playing test. In regards to the theory assessment, I believe I did not do the best that I could; in fact, I believe I performed quite poorly. A lot of time was wasted by being too carried away in one section, hence, there were many questions I had to skip over. This was due to my lack of efficiency in completing the problems (which were not particularly difficult, however, there were many steps I had to take in order to get the final…continue reading →