Gapminder Activity – Analysis

1. Describe one of the correlations (or lack of) that you discussed with your group. There was a positive correlation between the energy use per person and the income per person. There is greater access to energy in MEDCs where people earn more and therefore can finance the use of more energy. People in MEDCs live fancier lifestyles and therefore need more energy to sustain them. 2. Suggest reasons for the correlation with some reference as to why it might be strong or weak. My group's hypothesis proved to be strong and valid according the the…continue reading →

Is increasing rates in urbanisation a good thing?

Urbanisation is a social phenomenon that is occurring at the moment within our society; it is the movement of the population from rural to urban areas. Indubitably, it has both its benefits and its drawbacks. The benefits of urbanisation mostly come from an economic standpoint. Due to the massive influx of people moving to urban areas, many job opportunities; such as manual labor (factories) or other businesses. As such, the unemployment rate and demographic will decrease significantly because of this. Furthermore, people coming from rural areas will have a greater access to quality education which…continue reading →

Intro to Geography – Importance

Originating from the greek word ‘geographia’, the literal meaning of geography is ‘to describe, picture, or write about the Earth. As such, the study of geography is a vital component to understanding more about how our planet functions. Geography includes climatic situations, physical terrains, and various natural occurrences that happen frequently. It is the study of both the human and natural world; the relationship between the natural and human life, or how the specific geographical conditions of a certain region has an effect on the lifestyle and functionality of people that inhabit it,…continue reading →