Design Day Term 1

My key takeaways from today Failure breeds success If it works, it doesn't mean it's good enough There are many different solutions to completing a single task If I could do it all again.. I would fail fast, and not try and get it perfect the first time. This way, feedback would be attained and progress would be made efficiently and effectively. I used to think... now I think I used to think that it's best to get it as good as possible the first time and make minor changes. Now I think…continue reading →

Design Criterion D Reflection

Recently, we were required to create a graphic novel sequence, based on a scene from the novel Empire of the Sun. Now that this project is complete, I now possess many more skills; I have a more solid understanding regarding the tools and features within Adobe Illustrator, as it was the main software used when creating the final product. I have also further improved my time management skills through the process of this project. This is a essential skill in all aspects of life, as it determines how reliable you are when tasked…continue reading →

Grade 9 Design Day

The Grade 9 Design day was a rushed, activity-packed day; however, it was quite rewarding. We were introduced to our Design-English transdisciplinary project, which was to visually interpret a scene from the novel "Empire of the Sun" into a graphic novel format. Furthermore, this will be produced entirely through digital means, using a application called Adobe Illustrator (no drawing!). We were informed about the specific design requirements needed in this task (specifications), which I felt alleviated some worries I had about the project, as I now have certain tasks that I can work…continue reading →

iBook Feedback – Grade 5 – 6 Students

Hi Grade 5 - 6 students! The students in Grade 8 have just finished their iBooks! I was hoping you could provide some feedback in order to make my personal iBook even better; please try and answer the questions below to the best of your ability in the comments section. Thanks! Click this link to download the iBook. What was your first impression towards the iBook? What made you feel this way?  Did you enjoy the widgets presented in the iBook? How did they aid your understanding of the text?  Was the book visually…continue reading →