Being open-minded to new perspectives and ventures in life is essential in keeping “freshness”, and to avoid the recycling of familiar things.

In my first piece of evidence, I show appreciation to nature – the world around me – by taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh (AYP) Silver level. Being a part of AYP encompasses going on regular overnight expeditions, with the routes of the practice and assessment journeys amassing a distance of 40km in three days. These excursions are often mapped to be outside of the man-made world, away from civilsation. Thus, I’ve increased interaction with the outside world, and my appreciation of it has also increased. In the second piece of evidence, I show appreciation to a wide range of cultures all around the world. By joining this summer camp, I’ve furthered developed my open-mindedness; there were never more than 4 people from the same country.

Evidence 1: AYP Silver














Evidence 2: UBC Summer Camp


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