IB Learner Profile Trait #5 – Thinker

I demonstrated the profile trait, thinker, through my approach to a complex problem regarding sugar glider potential endangerment in Indonesia, which I presented through a video for an ecology symposium (Evidence 2), and my creative solution for creating a functioning heart valve model (samples shown in Evidence 1). In my video, I introduce the problem and identify the root of the cause of sugar glider habitat loss. I then present ethical and practical solutions for how to protect the sugar gliders without disadvantaging citizens through research of sugar glider habitat protection in other countries. The creative solution to my challenge of creating an intriguing and educational functioning heart valve model for a young audience was developed through interest surveys to my sample audience and merging research on existing heart valve replacements. I applied my design principles, scientific knowledge, and feedback received to create a product suitable to the challenge.


Evidence 1: Samples from Heart Valve Model Design Workbook

Link to Challenge Statement

Link to Research Plan

Link to Evaluation of Product

Evidence 2: Ecology Symposium Video – Sugar Gliders in Indonesia

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