IB Learner Profile Trait #1 – Knowledgeable

Through a variety of arts, I have become knowledgeable about several different cultures within these arts. Learning, studying and practicing classical ballet (Evidence 2) exposed me to a large selection of country specific dances which encouraged me to learn about different stylistic choices made to the different cultures around the world. This extension of my cultural knowledge continued in my process of achieving the ABRSM Grade 8 level for piano (Evidence 1). I learned about different musical styles that developed over time such as baroque, classical, and many more through the requirement of knowledge in musical theory. These also lead me to reach an understanding of how historical events and inventions affected the music created and enjoyed by the musicians of different time periods. My participation in Mulan (Evidence 3) allowed me to apply my musical and dance knowledge and further explore historical and cultural significance from a different perspective.


Evidence 1: ABRSM Grade 8 Piano Achievement Certificate

ABRSM Grade 8 Piano Cert

Evidence 2: Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Intermediate Foundation Level 2 Certificate in Vocational Graded Examination


Evidence 3: Photo from CDNIS production of Mulan

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 23.12.23

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