A Cinderella Story- Book Review

    Samantha is a young girl who lives with her father, her mother was dead and she got a stepmother. She was very mean to Samantha, her two twin daughters are also very mean to her. In an earthquake, the father died. In his will, everything goes to the stepmother, at that moment, everything in Samantha’s world goes upside down. After a Halloween ball, Samantha’s life becomes brighter when she hooks up with the most popular guy in school. If you want to know the rest of the story, read the book.

I think this book is very interesting and also a bit funny, I would recommend this to anyone who has a sense of humour and who isn’t an old granny. This book actually connects to my unit of inquiry, children’s rights because the stepmother takes away Samantha’s freedom, an example would be the “cooler” kids discriminating other kids because they don’t follow the newest trend or do something out of the ordinary. Just to tell you, this book was based on a movie.