CDNIS History Movie ~Design Day 2014

Hey guys…

Today we had another Design Day! This time we were doing documentaries instead of book jackets (You can check out all my Design posts here)  We did a documentary on the history of CDNIS, and parts of it. My group consisted of three members: Adrien, Jake and I. We made a documentary about the Alan Dick Forum in our school. It’s where we hold assemblies etc. You can see the documentary below

Alan Dick Forum Preservation(AJN) from ItsNatalie9 on Vimeo.



It’s a good documentary because our group scripted our documentary, we created a shotlist. We also shot more than we needed, just in case something didn’t go well. We also attempted to use different angles, but mostly we kept it the same because some angles didn’t work well. I think we could try to work faster because our time was slightly limited. I think we did pretty good (this was my first documentary)

I think that a strength that will help me during this unit is my ability of working with a camera. I may not be the best at handling a camera, but I’d say that I’m okay. Since I’m going to HKU with my group for our documentary for our unit on Hong Kong heritage, I think my knowledge of Cantonese will help me communicate and interact with others. I think a challenge I’ll have is organising everything, so I think I’ll try my best to organise and categorise things in a better, more efficient way.