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 Would you like a juicy apple?

   Originated in 2015 at CDNIS, Apple Parkour Farm grows the freshest, and most delicious organic apples! Each apple is packaged in a box, unless you would rather six/a dozen apples in one big box. The box (which is an early prototype) has a simple opening flap that provides secure shelter for the apple and shows you where the apple is from by the (cute) logo, which has an apple flying on a skateboard. The apple is protected completely by the box, which is durable and stabilised by the copious amounts of tape. The box is eco-friendly and can be recycled. There is just enough space for the apple to breathe and move around in the box!

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Hi guys, my group and I designed this box for an apple for a Design Activity during Design Day, and we were told to present it in an interesting way. 🙂

16 Bar Melody – Formative Assessment


Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 4.31.56 pm

I feel like I did an okay job on my music formative, because I had a lot of trouble with composing a 16 bar melody (it isn’t really my forté :P), especially with figuring out what notes sound good together and where rests would be appropriate to be put. I believe that there aren’t particularly enough dynamics, but I’m still debating between that, so I will change my composition according to feedback that I will receive. I had trouble composing the melody, but I also had fun experimenting with variations of notes.

Rhythm 2 & 3 Worksheet

Photo on 31-1-15 at 8.36 pm

(Rhythm 2)

Photo on 31-1-15 at 8.38 pm


(Rhythm 3)

This rhythms worksheet really helped me become more familiar with rhythms, even though I’m still a little slow on finding what note or what rest to put in the bar so that it matches the time signature. My strategy to find what note or rest is to count the notes and see if I can ‘group’ any together to form another note, as you can see in the sheets above.

Intervals Worksheet

Photo on 31-1-15 at 4.50 pm
(Front page)


Photo on 31-1-15 at 4.47 pm


(Back page)

This intervals worksheet really cleared things up for me – I feel like I understand how to count and differentiate between the kinds of intervals. However, I feel like I still need to polish up on my technique, because it still takes me a larger amount of time to see which interval the two notes form, and I actually learnt that there are names for intervals, and you don’t just count them and call them as (e.g.) ‘8 notes up’.

8 Bar Melody Reflection (New and Improved Attached Below)

After I received a comment, I made further edits to my (group and I’s) 8 Bar Rhythm/Melody, which you can see below. I didn’t change much, the largest change was probably the last note, where I made it longer.

Rhythm - ENZ(Rhythm)



I think that this helped me improve my music skills, particularly my composing and Finale skills, because Finale allowed me (and my partners) to play around with different notes and rests and compose a piece. I feel that this experience has helped me developed more musical knowledge, and I am able to apply (more of) my musical knowledge into musical/rhythmic composition now.

Criteria D (Responding) – Personal Reflection

At the start of the year, I was extremely unconfident with note reading and what notes meant, the different sharps and flats, but after the exercises, worksheets and continuously practicing reading music, I feel like I’ve gotten better at distinguishing the different aspects in music theory.

I’ve furthered my development as a musician because I am able to read notes faster and can tell which notes are what note. Also, I can understand the ‘commands’/directions when reading sheet music, such as the repeat signs, the D.C. (al Coda/al Fine etc.).

Considering that I’m more of a drummer than a xylophonist, I tend to listen to music that contains a large amount of drums in it. My main influences consist of a few drummers, notable examples being the late Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan from Avenged Sevenfold and the current Avenged Sevenfold drummer, Arin Ilejay. These two drummers play for the same band, and they’re my influences because their technique is amazing and there’s usually different grooves and beats in all their band’s songs respectively. They’ve also inspired me by sort of helping me develop a goal to work towards, such as ‘learn how to play (insert song name here)’ to learn the techniques used in their songs. An example would be in one of Avenged Sevenfold’s newer songs, ‘Shepherd of Fire’, where Ilejay uses a double kick to create a faster kick drum beat. In this case, one of my goals would be to try out the double kick, which would be beneficial to me if I wanted to be a drummer in the future.


Practical Performance Reflection – Scarborough Fair

Task: Select (at least) ONE question and create an iFolio post where you reflect on your practical performance by responding to the prompt question.  You may like to include your recording of Scarborough Fair on your iFolio site.

1. What are the benefits of PRACTICING towards musical goals?

Overall answer: The benefits of practicing towards musical goals is that you’ll eventually become better after you practice. This is an extreme benefit because you become more confident when playing your instrument which is fairly important when you’re performing or rehearsing in a large group.

Specific to Scarborough Fair Recording/Performance: Before I submitted my Scarborough Fair piece, I rehearsed it quite a few times and practiced it beforehand to achieve a better mark on my recording of Scarborough Fair. I managed to play it almost correctly and efficiently after rehearsing and practicing. Rehearsing and practicing a song before I record it is extremely important, because the final outcome is hugely affected by it, especially this recording*. However, according to my feedback, when I’m practicing for a recording or performance, I need to focus on remembering to roll some notes.

*I actually recorded the before and after and listened to the difference.


2. How can you develop FLUENCY in your playing?

Overall answer: You can develop fluency in your playing by practicing and finding errors and correcting them. Eventually, the final outcome will be worth it and probably sound a lot better than when you first play it. Also, you could do some research and find information on what some things mean (e.g. if you don’t understand how long a rest is)

Specific to Scarborough Fair Recording/Performance: I practiced quite a bit for this recording/performance and recorded myself without practicing first, then finding errors and slowly correcting and recorded the final ‘playing’. Also, there was a note or rest (or was it the time signature..?) that I wasn’t clear on, so I looked back into the book for reference on what it meant. This helped me developed fluency when playing because knowing/comprehending what the piece is telling you develops the final outcome.



Grade 5&6’s: Poliomyelitis iBook (FEEDBACK)

Hi Grade 5’s and 6’s,

Grade 8 is currently doing a Design project for Science, and we had to make an iBook about our assigned disease. Our target audience is, well, you guys (Grade 5’s and 6’s), and we’d like to ask you for your feedback. My group is doing an iBook on the disease Poliomyelitis.

Oh, what’s Polio?

Read our iBook 🙂

You can find it here (When you open the file, it leaves to a Drive window. See that little ‘download’ button above? Click on that).


Please answer these questions:

Was the text simple to comprehend?
Were the visual aids effective?




Invitation: Inviting You To Give Feedback For The Creation of My iBook

Hi guys,

I would like to cordially invite you to give feedback on past Science books you’ve read 🙂 The Grade 8’s are doing a Design project on a project that is about Science merged with iBooks.

I remember when I was younger and I read the Magic School Bus (yep, there are books 🙂 ). The covers were really bright and colorful and as a child, that drew me to read them. How about you? When you were younger, what series of Science books did you enjoy and why? The Magic School Bus has pictures and words, so that really helped me understand the scientific topics better. What are the differences between Science books and adult focused books (what are the features)? Give some examples and explain the ways they aid in understanding.

What makes a book appealing to you? Was the author able to use words to explain complex ideas in a simplistic way? If so, what techniques did the author use?  If not, how would you improve it?

(Leave a comment and reply 🙂 )

Meanwhile, you can probably check out my partners’ blogs. For this project, we’re researching individually but compiling the iBook together.

Charlotte L.

Alvin T.

P.S. This is the mindmap of my group’s plan we did on Design Day, which was basically planning. Take a look!

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.21.25 pm



Natalie 🙂

Humanities Entry on Guns, Germs and Steel

In Humanities, we’ve been learning about colonisation; we were shown a documentary named Guns, Germs and Steel based on the novel of the same name by Jared Diamond.

I think that Diamond’s ‘answer’ to Yali’s question about cargo was a good one, because it was proved through sufficient research that the geographical location was different, the Papua New Guineans would’ve been able to develop more technologies (it is mentioned in the documentary that they could’ve invented helicopters if not for the geographical location.

I think that the concept of Guns, Germs and Steel having impact on development is actually very accurate, because those three things have had major impact on the development of different continents and countries. For example, steel was used for railways, which were a development for transportation, which then enabled transport for cargo, which was faster and more efficient and in general could get things to one point to another at a quicker speed.

However, other than just Guns, Germs and Steel, I think that religion and culture plays a big part in this too because I think that they are major factors that affect settlement and their actions, such as certain beliefs.



Percentage Unit


In this unit, we learnt about percentages (i.e. markups, profits, investments etc.)

I improved my math skills in multiple different ways. I learnt to used Excel to assist me in ‘crunching’ numbers, and it has made my life a whole lot easier in math. I find that it is quite complicated to use, but after you get the hang of it it’s okay. In Excel, I learnt how to do the operations by using the ‘=’ sign, I learnt to make different kinds of graphs…there really is a lot more. Also, I learnt to manage investments better by predicting and looking at things more logically with tables and graphs. I also learnt how to do a Criterion B assessment better with these following steps:

1) Generate and organise data

2) Describe patterns

3) Suggest general rules

4) Verify general rules

5) Justify general rules

Photo on 6-11-14 at 10.09 pm

(These were some of the notes I took)

This ‘list’ has helped me understand and make sure that I did everything that’s supposed to be in a Criterion B assessment and basically clear everything up for me.



Things I Liked About English This Year

Hi everybody,

So…things I liked about English class this year. I liked that we explored different forms of stories like short stories, and we were able to write our own. Also, I liked how we could read different books and be able to comprehend it in different ways, for example comprehending the story together in a literacy circle.

Overall, this was a great year in English and I learnt a lot more about different literary terms and how to properly write an essay with an outline and everything 🙂 .

P.E. Reflections and Goals

Tuesday, 11th February, 2014 – Goal Setting 

1. I think I’m at a level 5/6 right now, judging by my current performance in P.E.

2. I want to go to a level 7 or at least achieve a high 6.

3. I am going to try to participate more in class activities, be a better teammate by trying to focus more and absorb anything I need and should know in order to achieve my goal.


Thursday, 10th October, 2013 – Parkour  

1. I think I managed the balance beam move well, because I was able to actually walk through without wobbling a lot. In other words, I maintained my balance.

2. I think I have achieved a level 4 out of 6 from Criterion B because I repeated a little too much of each movement, like the ‘faux cartwheel’. I also think that there were some unnecessary bits I did, such as the kick-leg-up move. Now that I watch the video, I think that most moves I wanted to use were not as well as I hoped it would be. The run and jump move did not go as well as I wanted to. I basically just spun my arms around and did a little jump. The star jump I planned to do was unsuccessful because I didn’t run far enough to the small blue-mat that looks like an arch placed down on the ground. I couldn’t jump as high, so it was just a little hop. The ‘faux cartwheel’ I wanted to do on the blue mat was actually more of a belly flop. When I first ran towards the mat, I had a nice start, but when I actually did the ‘wheel movement’, my left leg didn’t kick up as I thought it would, and ended up slamming onto the mat. I think that I have achieved a 6 out of 10 from Criterion C because most of my moves are mostly basic but often repeated; I can find some ways to connect the whole movement composition so it flows and I put most of my energy into the moves.

3. I can try to improve by finding out more about that specific area, to become more familiar with it and to be able to have more access to different ways/strategies.


Thursday, 28th November, 2013 – Invasion Games

1. I think I was able to dodge and escape my marker because I was able to sometimes run silently away from my marker, so I was able to receive the ball and pass to my other teammates.

2. I think that I was able to achieve a level 5 or 6 in this unit’s assessment because I can do a lot, but some maybe not at the best. Things I can do well are basically dodge from my marker to create space and receive the ball. Also, I was able to mark someone from the opposing team. I remember once, that I found out the opposing team’s strategy, to pass closely for a while and then throw the ball long. It took my team and I to realise, but eventually, we did and we marked up. We were quite successful in that game. Some things that I was not so good at were throwing or kicking the ball at a longer distance, and receiving balls from a far distance. I had trouble with this because sometimes, say, one of my teammates and I are on either side of the area we’re playing in, and the ball flies or lands in the middle. Sometimes we just assume the other person is going to get it, so we don’t catch it. In the end, nobody caught it and the point goes to the opposing team.

3. I can try to improve the things that I mentioned above, the catching and the throwing/kicking by paying more attention and not make assumptions to ‘Oh, the other teammate is going to get the ball, I don’t have to catch it.’ and lose the point.


Thursday, 20th February, 2014 – Swimming Unit

1. Describe how you demonstrated a positive attitude in the swimming unit in order to enhance your relationship with others (Be sure to be specific in the strategies that you used to show respect and sensitivity to others).

I didn’t object to anything and I swam the laps I was supposed to swim. I also followed the rules, for example, no running to ensure my safety and other’s safety. When I was swimming behind someone that wasn’t swimming as fast and blocking me, I didn’t start yelling at them to swim quicker. Instead, I would stop for a few seconds and then continue swimming. 

2. Personal engagement is an important component of the swimming unit. If an observer watched the lessons, state (minimum 5) things that he/she would have noted about your enthusiasm and commitment. You may want to make references to things like punctuality, effort levels, coming prepared to class, time management, attitude etc.

I was always on time for the P.E. sessions.

I usually (most of the time) put in all my effort when I was swimming laps.

-I brought my swimwear, goggles, and swim hat for every lesson. I also made sure I had a hair tie to tie back my hair.

-I’m able to change quickly before and after swimming class.

I swim laps without being all moody and upset about swimming more because I was tired.

 3. What achievements are you particularly proud of from this unit?  Why?

-I count learning to swim butterfly is an achievement because that means that I learnt a new style of swimming! Before, I only knew how to do the front crawl, breastroke and backstroke. I also count being able to actually dive off a ledge an achievement, because before that I couldn’t really dive off, I only jumped off.

4. What goals could you now set for your swimming? How would you go about achieving them?

One goal I think I want to achieve is the goal of improving on my butterfly stroke. I can achieve this by practicing this particular stroke when I go swimming. Another goal is to try to dive off the diving board instead of the side by next year. I can achieve this by practicing my dives and the figure. 


Monday, 19th May, 2014 – Net Court Games

1. I think I was able to move effectively and be prepared for my opponent’s shot in badminton and tennis because I usually stood in the middle of my side in the court and stood in the starting position.

2. I think I have achieved a 6 or 7 in this unit’s assessment because I feel that I could hit the birdie/ball to the other side but sometimes I didn’t go and stay in the starting position so sometimes I ended up missing the birdie/ball. Also, I think I achieved a 6 or a 7 because I remembered the rules of each game and was able to apply it when I was playing.

3. I need to improve on always moving back to the centre to prepare for a shot. I can do this by basically keeping a mental note to do so every time I play net court games.


Monday, 19th May, 2014 – Softball

1. I think I was able to cooperate with my group mates and didn’t object to anything they thought could be helpful for the team’s benefit, and even if I thought it wasn’t the best idea, I didn’t go all negative, instead I made suggestions.

2. I think I have achieved a 5-6 in this unit’s assessment because I wasn’t the best at communicating with my other teammates, for example sometimes we couldn’t figure out who wanted who to do something or move somewhere. Also, sometimes I couldn’t remember some important skills like blocking the ball using the kneel-down-and-block trick so I had to run after the ball. I learnt to keep in mind that it’s better to run to the ball than chase after the ball.

3. I need to improve on keeping skills in mind and being able to apply them when I’m in a game. I can do this by reminding myself constantly of guidelines I should follow and observe my teammates’ actions so I can possibly remind myself of what I need to do.


Monday, June 9, 2014 – Year Reflection

I think I did an good job this year, specifically when participating and learning about new sports and techniques. What was challenging for me was that sometimes I wasn’t really good at a sport so I would/could drag down the entire team. Also, sometimes cooperating with my group was challenging because sometimes I had a person in my group that I didn’t really get along with. My goals for next year is to learn to cooperate more and try to get a long with people better in order for the team to be efficient in a game, also, a goal for next year is to be more active when actually playing the sport because this year I felt that I wasn’t always the most active team member.




Shakespeare Drama Skit – Julius Caesar

Recently, our class performed our Shakespeare skits (Either Caesar, Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth) for Criterion B. I played Cassius in Caesar, Janice played Caesar and the Soothsayer, and Ashley played Brutus and Anthony/Antonio (<– I wasn’t sure which one it was). In total, there were three members in our group and five roles to play. We did the scene when Caesar was talking to the Soothsayer, when Cassius was talking about overthrowing Caesar to Brutus and when Caesar was talking to Brutus about Cassius.

You can watch the video here.



Is My iFolio Ready To Be Included in School Reporting?

Hi everyone!

I think that my iFolio is ready to be included in school reporting because I have recorded most of the events that happened from the start of the year to the end. I have sufficient reflections on activities and assessments I’ve had that demonstrate my learning. Also, I wrote about the different experiences I have experienced in this year, for example playing an instrument and performing in YOTH and experiencing CAS Week in Taiwan. Also, in my iFolio, you can see how I learnt more or developed certain skills, for example leaning on the artistic side, my design skills when I was designing my book jacket. Also, my iFolio is like an online journal where I can express my feelings about my assessments and activities and overall everything that has happened. When writing in my iFolio, I think that I communicate clearly so my readers can understand what I’m writing.


Best Digital Work 2014

Hi everyone!

I think my best digital work of 2014 is probably my design book jacket because I used and incorporated a lot of design elements and made a pretty good design jacket. Here it is below –

I’m really proud of this because I drew the girl on the front and I designed the colors so they could accentuate the feeling of the book and the overall mood and setting. This book jacket was based on the novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. I’m also really proud of this piece because I spent a lot of time and effort into it.

French Skit – At the Restaurant

Hi everyone!

So recently, we presented our ‘At the Restaurant’ skits. My partner was Eloise. Our skit was about a werewolf with constant mood swings going to a restaurant and ordering raw meat and tries and succeeds eating the waitress in the end.

It was my first time working with Eloise, but we had a lot of fun together because of the idea. She came up with the concept and we both developed the idea to make a cool skit.

I think I did a good job presenting the skit because I mostly used good grammar and I think that I used good facial expressions and in general I could act out the mood swings. The only thing that most people from the audience didn’t notice was that I was a werewolf, so if I did this again, I would probably say something that really symbolises werewolf behavior or act more like a werewolf. Basically, improve the communication skills there. Also, I want to improve on my pronunciation because sometimes when I had to speak really fast I don’t think people could hear me properly.


P.E. – Softball

Hi everyone!

So very recently, we had our softball unit.. so here’s my thoughts and reflections on it!

I think I was able to cooperate with my group mates and didn’t object to anything they thought could be helpful for the team’s benefit, and even if I thought it wasn’t the best idea, I didn’t go all negative, instead I made suggestions.

I think I have achieved a 5-6 in this unit’s assessment because I wasn’t the best at communicating with my other teammates, for example sometimes we couldn’t figure out who wanted who to do something or move somewhere. Also, sometimes I couldn’t remember some important skills like blocking the ball using the kneel-down-and-block trick so I had to run after the ball. I learnt to keep in mind that it’s better to run to the ball than chase after the ball.

I need to improve on keeping skills in mind and being able to apply them when I’m in a game. I can do this by reminding myself constantly of guidelines I should follow and observe my teammates’ actions so I can possibly remind myself of what I need to do.

P.E. – Invasion Games

Hi everyone!

So not so recently, we had our invasion games unit in P.E…so here’s my reflection on it!

I think I was able to dodge and escape my marker because I was able to sometimes run silently away from my marker, so I was able to receive the ball and pass to my other teammates.

I think that I was able to achieve a level 5 or 6 in this unit’s assessment because I can do a lot, but some maybe not at the best. Things I can do well are basically dodge from my marker to create space and receive the ball. Also, I was able to mark someone from the opposing team. I remember once, that I found out the opposing team’s strategy, to pass closely for a while and then throw the ball long. It took my team and I to realise, but eventually, we did and we marked up. We were quite successful in that game. Some things that I was not so good at were throwing or kicking the ball at a longer distance, and receiving balls from a far distance. I had trouble with this because sometimes, say, one of my teammates and I are on either side of the area we’re playing in, and the ball flies or lands in the middle. Sometimes we just assume the other person is going to get it, so we don’t catch it. In the end, nobody caught it and the point goes to the opposing team.

I can try to improve the things that I mentioned above, the catching and the throwing/kicking by paying more attention and not make assumptions to ‘Oh, the other teammate is going to get the ball, I don’t have to catch it.’ and lose the point.

Unit 1 Reflection – SCIENCE

Hey Science-y friends! 😀

We’ve done a lot of experiments in Science.. so I think it’s pretty much time to write a reflection about the process. I used to think that science was only about conducting experiments. My whole view was basically lab coats, indoors, safety goggles, beakers, test tubes…. it was basically a ‘mad scientist’s lab’ look. I just thought science was basically a fun activity to mix liquids together and see if they ‘explode’. But know, I think that science is more than that. Science is all around us. Sticky notes, glue, tape…. these all had relation to something with science. Stickies, glue, and tape, they’re all related to something adhesive. I never knew that. Also, science is conducting experiments, writing hypothesis’ and creating methods! There’s a lot more than I thought there would be in the fantastical world of science.

YAY! We did another experiment! And a lab report! This experiment was on paper towel absorption. I used to think that all brands of paper towels would absorb liquids all very fast, and that they didn’t make a huge difference. (A slight difference, yes) But know, I know that different types of paper towels have different textures, which could possibly lead to why the times were different. During the experiment, I became more efficient. I had worked out a slight plan, which was to measure out 10 ml of the blue water into the graduated cylinder when I was timing the speed. I made sure that I looked at the paper towel consistently when I was doing it, so I could keep track of the time, and use my time better. If I did this again, I would probably try something different, such as measuring how long it takes for a substance to reach a certain point on a piece of tissue paper. That way, I wouldn’t have to measure out 10 ml of the substance every time. I could just have a basin full of water.



Hi everyone,

Recently, the seventh grade had a CAS Week Educational Excursion (CAS stands for Creativity, Action and Service). I went to Southern Taiwan :D… I roomed with Charlotte (click her name). I’ve never been to Taiwan before, so it was pretty exciting! Also, for most times when people go to Taiwan for the first time, they don’t usually go to Southern Taiwan, they go to Taipei..so it was pretty cool :).


On the first day, we had to wake up super early to catch the flight (Which meant selfies). When we got off the plane, it was around 9-10 am…so we did a lot of things that day. Right after we got off the plane, we met our tour guide Chris, and then we rode the bus for an ‘all-you-can-eat’ hot pot lunch (more selfies). Then, we went on a ferry and went to eat something else… SHAVED ICE! YUM. After, we rode the tour bus to a scenic area. Everything was going well until (cue dramatic music) it started pouring. At first, it was a small drizzle, and then the drizzle became a rain pour, and then it became thundering rain and everyone got drenched. The thing was that the bus still wasn’t here, so we stood in the rain screaming and running around until we saw the bus, which was across the street, so we had to run all the way over to the bus…then we went to the hotel because we were all soaking wet. Then we ate dinner at this fine dining place…which was a really good meal…well a good dinner! After dinner, we went to another scenic place, the Love River. So we took a stroll around the Love River, and then rode the bus to the MRT station (subway) because it had really cool ceilings. We went on the MRT and rode the MRT all the way to the hotel and we called it a night.


On the second day, we went to a Buddhism Memorial Centre. We learnt a lot about Buddhism and even watched a 4D movie about the Buddha. We also saw a huge Buddha statue at the Centre. After, we went to another hot pot lunch, but we had our own pots…Charlotte was stuck with someone else so SHE WAS ALL LIKE HALP ME NATALIE *HUG HUG*. Anyways, after lunch was over, we rode the bus to a place where we made pottery and tea. It was really fun as I basically love molding clay! On a totally unrelated subject, one of the main highlights was singing Karaoke though… I mean, belting 90’s songs at the top of our lungs was hilarious and fun. We sung Karaoke between bus rides… so after the pottery+tea experience we went to a night market! It was so fun and I bought a lot of souvenirs and ate a lot. A highlight from the night market was drinking BUBBLE TEA. If you don’t know what bubble tea is it’s basically a milk tea with tapioca pearls..I don’t call it tapioca, but BUBBLES! Some of us actually had an argument about who’s bubble tea had the largest bubbles…:p.


On the third day, we went to Fort Zeelandia, another (now) scenic place. We ‘climbed’ a tower… technically, we didn’t climb it, we took the stairs up. After a morning of that, we went to lunch, which was Hakka food. Hakka is a culture in Taiwan. After the lunch, we went on a mangrove tour and we saw birds and some mudskippers etc. The tour was really long and we saw oysters too! The only thing that sort of diverted my attention was the fact that there was a lot of mosquitos :/. After, we went to a field that processed salt.. so we had a chance to ‘process’ salt. I got my own pack of salt (I can’t cook it though, it’s not fully processed). For dinner, we went to Pizza Hut.. nothing that special! It was really good though 😀 . Then we went back to the hotel and slept.


On the fourth day, which was our last full day, we went to visit a school. We did several activities there. I did some calligraphy, made tea and made a lantern looking object.. not sure what it is. We had lunch at the school and then we went to an aquarium, which was in Kenting. We slept in a hotel in Kaoshiung for three nights and one night in Kenting. So anyways, in the aquarium, there were a lot of exhibits, so we went to a lot of exhibits and I bought a stuffed seal :D. We saw tropical fish, regular fish, stingrays, sharks, starfish and small underwater organisms. Charlotte and I also saw a fish with a spike on it’s head but we didn’t know what it was called so we called it the Unicorn Fish. <– those were the highlights of day 4.


On the fifth day, which was our last day in Taiwan, we did something super awesome.. GUESS. No? Okay. We went..




Okay, zorbing is basically when you’re in a large inflatable ball and you’re strapped in and the ball rolls down a course with you inside. It’s like a large hamster ball. Charlotte and I were together, but since we both wore glasses and we had to take them off we blindly stumbled through the ball.. I couldn’t even find a way into the inflatable ball, I just flopped in (okay, slight exaggeration). It was really exciting, I took the ‘scarier’ side where I rolled face down when I was rolling down, Charlotte rolled on her back down. We screamed (mostly me, I shrieked and yelled) and sung Wrecking Ball. Since there was a mic in the zorb ball, everyone could hear us shriek ‘I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!!!!! I NEVER HIT SO HARD IN LOVE! ALL I WANTED WAS TO BREAK YOUR WALLS!! ALL YOU EVER DID WAS WRE-E-E-ECK MEEEEE!!!’ repeatedly. After, we rode the bus (it was like a two hour long ride) and we went to 7Eleven to buy food for the ride.. then we arrived at the Kaoshiung airport and did a little shopping and boarded the plane.. back to HK.


Overall, Taiwan was super epic and awesome and fun because… I don’t know. It was just really fun, it was a new experience.

Criterion A – Algebra Math Test

Hi guys,

So we recently had a math test on algebra… I think I didn’t do that well on this test. I am strong in using the distributive property to simplify algebraic formulas because I could identify and remember that a negative x a negative = a positive and in general I just remembered to multiply and not add, which is what I once did because I wasn’t really familiar with it.

I could improve on finding x in different situations, for example when finding x to find the measure of an angle. Also,  I need to make sure I totally understand what I’m saying and remember specific numbers, for example in question 11 when I said multiply 1 for a positive 1 but instead I was supposed to multiply by -1 to get a positive 1.

I need to figure out which numbers belong with which group because I often get confused with them and therefore fail to simplify an algebraic expression. I can achieve this by being more organised, for example circling or highlighting like terms and listing out formulas in a clearer way so that I can understand it more thoroughly.

Documentary – HKU (Reflection)

Hey guys! So.. here’s my reflection for my documentary. The documentary is below 🙂


7C HKU – Adrien, Jake, Natalie from Adrien Pringle on Vimeo.

I think our movie met pretty well with our project specifications, the only few that we didn’t meet very well were taking still photos. We did take still photos, but it didn’t make into the documentary so I showed them in Crit C. Our viewers/commenters learnt from the documentary that the cultural importance was mainly because it was the first university of Hong Kong, and that this type of building was not built anymore in HK (The western style influenced that). We should improve the sound quality, such as raising the sound to 500% in iMovie or doing voiceovers.

I like how I mostly got good feedback, which basically means I did a good job filming video footage. I wish that I could do better on the shot duration, since my feedback for that specific area wasn’t all good, there were ups and downs. What if I included more images/took more images to be in the documentary? I think that that was the problem, that some of my photos didn’t really relate to a specific part of the documentary, they were just assorted photos of HKU.

French Skit – EVIL COOKIES!

Haha. Evil cookies? You’re probably wondering, what on earth is an evil cookie? Does it even exist? Okay. It doesn’t. But in my French skit, it does.

My French skit, which I did with my friend Ellie, was basically about buying pastries. That was the main idea. The twist was that the salesperson was selling me mind-controlling, evil cookies and turning me into a robot – animal. The salesperson was actually an ‘evil mastermind’ and was trying to make an army of minions. The ‘evil mastermind’ pressed the control too many times and I died… whoops!

I think this was a good experience, it was pretty fun letting our imaginations run wild. I’d like to do this type of skit again 😀

Here are the pictures of the store and street which we used in our skit!




Criterion C – Fairytale Performance Assessment Reflection (Cinderella)

This week on Wednesday we performed our drama fairytale performances. My group did Cinderella.You can watch it below…



I think conscience alley is the most effective non-natural technique because it shows the ‘angel and demon’ side of a person making decisions. My group and I used conscience alley in our performance, when Cinderella was deciding to go to the ball or not. I think that this was a good use of Conscience Alley because it really shows her emotions and thoughts and maybe a little bit about her personality (the way she makes decisions, you can roughly infer information).

I have to say, I’m quite proud with my formative performance because it went as well as we expected and it was a new experience for me as I have never actually done anything related to drama (not any specific aspects). I learnt about different techniques like slow motion, conscience alley, tableaux, soundscape, choral speaking etc. I think I did well with incorporating some techniques into my work, but I’d like to improve by making my expressions more genuine to make my acting look more realistic.

I like this type of assessment, it allows everybody to improve with their communication skills during the performance and during the planning and rehearsing stage. In our groups, we had to plan each stage and each scene. I think we worked well together and made a good performance.

I think the BIG TAKEAWAY from Drama so far is the techniques/skills because it deepened my knowledge of Drama, it’s more than just acting. The different techniques combine to create a truly amazing masterpiece filled with emotions and thoughts. I think that the techniques allowed me to deepen the audience’s knowledge of what was happening in the story.





CDNIS History Movie ~Design Day 2014

Hey guys…

Today we had another Design Day! This time we were doing documentaries instead of book jackets (You can check out all my Design posts here)  We did a documentary on the history of CDNIS, and parts of it. My group consisted of three members: Adrien, Jake and I. We made a documentary about the Alan Dick Forum in our school. It’s where we hold assemblies etc. You can see the documentary below

Alan Dick Forum Preservation(AJN) from ItsNatalie9 on Vimeo.



It’s a good documentary because our group scripted our documentary, we created a shotlist. We also shot more than we needed, just in case something didn’t go well. We also attempted to use different angles, but mostly we kept it the same because some angles didn’t work well. I think we could try to work faster because our time was slightly limited. I think we did pretty good (this was my first documentary)

I think that a strength that will help me during this unit is my ability of working with a camera. I may not be the best at handling a camera, but I’d say that I’m okay. Since I’m going to HKU with my group for our documentary for our unit on Hong Kong heritage, I think my knowledge of Cantonese will help me communicate and interact with others. I think a challenge I’ll have is organising everything, so I think I’ll try my best to organise and categorise things in a better, more efficient way.



Short Story – Reflection

Hi guys 🙂

Recently in English class, we had to write a short story, two – four pages long. I feel that I was able to write a short story, even though it may not be super interesting. I also feel that I was able to write a plot that revolved around the moral that made sense, so I’m happy about that. I also feel that I’ve achieved something, considering that this was the first short story I have ever properly written in my life!

My moral was ‘be true to yourself’, so my plot revolved around it. The plot was basically about a boy that had a really girlish name and a semi-weird personality, so he was hated by everyone in his new school. He decided to change and people started to like him, even though he wasn’t being himself. In the end, he decides to change back and become who he originally was, and realises that he shouldn’t change for anybody, and he should stay true to himself.

I think that this was a good experience for me, I learned a lot more in this unit, like different literary terms. I also learned how to write a proper plot with the exposition, complication, rising action, climax and falling action (Yup, I learned that in this ‘unit’)


Math Assessment – Polygon Area Patterns

Hi guys.

So we recently had  a math assessment in Criterion B about Polygon Area Patterns. I used the strategy of making a chart and writing down independent variables on one side, and variables on the other. I kept the independent variable, the edge points the same and drew different shapes in order to find the area to discover or observe a pattern. I also learnt how to organise my information (even though it wasn’t that clear) in a reasonable way.

If I could do this assessment over, I would probably try a different strategy, such as making the independent variable escalate to find a clearer answer so I could observe a better pattern. I would like to improve on finding a formula, so I would be able to find an answer easier and faster. I would also like to improve on my organisation skills when making a chart to clearly show what was what and again, to find an answer easier that made sense.

YOTH Reflection >.<

(Us rehearsing in the LLAC!)

Hi everyone! So… even though it’s a little late, Happy CNY! (Actually it’s a LOT late) We recently had a Year of the Horse performance too 😀 It was for music, and I played the Chinese Drums! I enjoyed being part of this performance a lot, I mean, there were glow sticks and Gangnam style incorporated into it! Okay, that’s just a little part of it. The other reason why is that the music really represented a horse running, with the effect of the Chinese Drums! And when you put the sound of the running with the rest of the music, it can literally paint the scene of the horse in your head! When we were practicing, the drum group sometimes got confused as to when we should begin and end but at the end it worked out. Also, the t-shirts we were wearing probably helped capture the audience’s attention. Red with a yellow horse? Definitely.

I noticed, personally, that I have been able to be more organised after that performance. We had to strike the stage, which means leaving the stage quickly and silently and be on time for every single performance, so that really helped me with my organisational skills. I also developed my communication skills, which was really handy when we were striking the stage. We had to make sure everyone was off of the stage, and we couldn’t talk loudly, so the best thing we could do is mouth words or use gestures.

我首詩 - A Poem I Wrote (It’s In Chinese, The Poem and My Post)

Hello! Today’s post is a post in Chinese, so you readers out there that don’t understand Chinese, you might want to get someone that knows Chinese to translate it for you :D. Well, shall we get started?



Design A Bird

Hello my fellow science-ey friends! Okay that’s not even a word…-_- Never mind, we’re not here to talk about that! We’re here today because I have a very special reflection…

..ON A BIRD THAT I SPECIALLY DESIGNED 😀 (okay, I know you want to see it..I’ll attach a picture below 😀 It’s honestly the coolest bird ever!)

Yes, yes, I know. I may be exaggerating a little when I said it was the coolest bird ever, but yes, I designed a bird, named the Tropicus jadeorias©, or commonly known as the Jadetweeter bird. We wrote all these structural and behavioural adaptations, and boy, that bird sure seemed real to me then! I think I managed to draw the bird in the environment quite well, specifically being able to draw the bird according to it’s structural adaptations. I think that I could do a little better on my report, and write more about the natural selection process of the bird. My plan changed slightly when I was deciding on the biome for the bird’s colors for the tips of the feathers. At first I decided to make the tips blue, but then I thought again and was like: “Hmm… I don’t really think there is a use for blue tips. Maybe if I use bright colors, it would make more sense!” In the end, I did change the plan, so here’s my bird now!

My Community and Service (Term 1)

Hi everyone! This is going to be my first community and service post 🙂

In this first term, as community service, I Christmas Carol-ed for the students/staff/teachers at CDNIS! Here’s a picture below –

For Christmas, a bunch of seventh graders signed up to sing Christmas Carols! I felt really good, to do something nice for everyone else and to raise Christmas cheer 😀 .We were singing in front of the Christmas tree, and lots of kids sat down to listen to us carol. It was really fun and interesting, as I had never done pretty much anything like this before. I’d say I’ve improved my social skills and became a little more confident in what I was doing, because I was in a large group and we were all having fun, sharing joy and happiness. I learnt to become a little more confident because at first I was a bit nervous in using my voice in front of a semi-large crowd, but then I started enjoying myself. To be honest, this experience was way different from what I thought it would be like. When I first received the sign-up sheet, I realised only a few people signed up, but I decided to sign up anyway. I thought that there were only going to be five to ten people but then WHOOSH! I guess 20 – 30 people 😀 ! I really liked the fact that we all sang as a group for our own entertainment and for others, well, actually, to put it in another way, I basically liked everything! (I couldn’t reach a lot of the high notes though). If I could do something again it would probably be to get there earlier because I actually noticed that there were a lot of people walking pass earlier, but less later.

Art Reflection :)

Hi everybody,

We’re close to finishing the art ‘period’, which means the art class term is ending. We had art for the past few months, and we did a lot of art pieces. In this art unit I learned a lot more. I learnt about Impressionism, the different artists in the Impressionism era, one point perspective, two point perspective, still life drawing, drawing two things merged into one, shading techniques.. the list goes on and on! I was pretty good at the one point perspective, and drawing two things merged into one. I think I could improve drawing the Impressionist paintings using chalk pastel.

*All drawings are copyrighted   ©Natalie

The drawing above was my two things merged into one. As you can see, the drawing incorporates a cupcake and a bottle of soap. I was able to merge the two realistically, and portray the cupcake and the soap. For extra decorations I added a towel, some decorations and the bubbles. The bubbles were probably the most fun in the entire drawing process. I layered different colors around the bubble to create a 3-D effect. I’d say the hardest part to do was the towel. It wasn’t really hard to draw loops, but drawing a lot in one time confused me, sometimes I would use the wrong color!

*All drawings are copyrighted   ©Natalie

 The drawing above is my one point perspective drawing. As you can see, it’s a pencil sketch. I incorporated Adventure Time characters just for fun, to make it seem like a ‘futuristic-fun’ room. Behind LSP, the angry lump with a star on her forehead is a portal that just spirals on until it reaches the other dimension. I had a lot of fun doing this drawing because drawing these fun cartoons and adding them to a classic one point perspective drawing is just like merging.

Unit 2 Test – Rational Numbers Reflection

Hi guys,

Recently, well not recently, say December 12, 2013, which is a year ago ( 🙂 ), we had a math test on rational numbers. I think I did an ‘okay’ job. Mainly because I only got a little part of it right.

Anyways, I am probably the best at estimating answers when computing with rational numbers. I did good on this because I was able to estimate an answer for that question. I was able to make a guess to sort all the ‘pizzas’ out. (Pizza was the main topic). I need to improve on solving real-world problems involving rational numbers. I need to re-read questions very thoroughly to understand what I have to do.

A strategy I used when studying was using the Moodle games that Mrs Kirchner posted. It helped me study a little bit as the games were fun and easy to understand. I need to participate more in class, and ask  questions when I need more help.

Blues Post :)

Hello everybody! (MUSIC POST TODAY)

Let me start off with a quick question. Do you like Blues music? Answer in the comments below this post!

Personally, I’ve learnt a LOT more about Blues Music. Before I thought that Blues Music was all basically about Elvis Presley, because that was all I knew. Now I know that the Blues originated from the 18th and 19th century, when slaves from Africa were forced to go to America and work there under cruel conditions. When the slaves were not working for their masters, for possibly a short period of time, they sang and made music with tools they had to express their feelings, singing to ‘heal’ people and sing lullabies to babies. To them, the Blues were a way of life. Drums, shakers, tambourines, jingling anklets, woodblocks, scrapers, the fiddle and their voices were the main instruments used for Blues.

Blues music. That, I adore. I especially love the Springfield Soul Stew from the Simpsons. I enjoyed it because the song lyrics mentioned the instruments, so my knowledge of musical instruments had expanded slightly. The new instruments I learnt were the fatback drums (groove). After this, I really hadn’t start listening to more Blues Music because really, this genre is not really my type. I’ve listened to Blues before, but it was mainly just for a taste of a different genre. (Elvis Presley, he really is amazing. When I mentioned the Blues to my grandparents, I found out that they, actually listen to Elvis a lot. They pretty much know all his songs, especially my grandpa.

I like playing Blues Music in class band. It’s really enjoyable and fun, I’ve never really played a blues drum piece. I like it because I like hearing a variety of instruments played at the same time, creating a smooth sounding music piece. I liked the Blues Down Under song because I had a small drum solo after the musical solos and of the overall way it sounded. It was just me playing at that time so it was like a few seconds of pure drums. Also, the music wasn’t really slow, or really fast, it was just in the middle. (The pace) For solos, I didn’t play the three bars of the musical melody, I played the one bar solo, which was only for the drums. I always thought to myself: Don’t mess this up, don’t mess this up…. because it was only me playing.

I’ve written a Blues solo. Well, just recently for my assessment smile in class.  To be honest, I wasn’t really a huge fan of the musical part, but I loved writing the drum solo for my assessment. It was really fun. I stressed over the musical part a little more because I had no idea what to put, there were too many choices. I kept on deleting over and over again because I thought that everything didn’t sound right. Eventually I just told myself: It makes sense. It sounds alright. It’s okay. (That pretty much worked out well.)

Hmm… let me see. The best part of this unit? Well, I’d have to say it was playing the music pieces – Blues Down Under and Wild Card. I got to play the drums a lot, which I love, so playing these pieces were sort of a way of learning more about the drum grooves/beats in the Blues.


Speak (Book Jacket Design) FINAL Feedback!!

Hi everyone!

As you guys probably know, we’ve been doing our Design projects, and I just need some feedback for my book jacket! Would you please take about 5 minutes and help me complete this survey? Thanks a lot! The  survey is below this paragraph.

(My book jacket is below©, click to enlarge. Also, the [insert blurb here] part is just a placeholder to show where the blurb will go.)



Book Jacket Mock Ups – Speak

Hello everybody!

We’re currently doing a Design Project, and we’re already on Criterion B, where we’re required to make book jacket mock-ups for our English Lit. Circles books. The one I’m currently reading is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Please give some constructive feedback below about my two book jacket covers using the following ‘template’ of “I like…I wish…What if…”. Please make sure that you refer to the mock-up(©The book covers below are copyrighted and it belongs to me.)

Mock-Up 1 


Mock-Up 2

P.S. These images may be a little too small, so you can just open them separately (click on photo)



Design Day Autobiography Cover :)

Heyhey everybody! We had to make a autobiography of ourselves book cover, so here it is down below –

Sorry if it’s a little small… you can click it to enlarge it, I guess. If it doesn’t work, you can just drag the photo down and read it there… 🙂


(Hey you, yeah you. Comment on my post, finishing these sentences:

1) I like…

2) I wish…

3) If you…


Well, let me do a quick reflection..  I thought that design day was going to be all fun and games and just designing nearly anything you want. Well, this inference was completely different from the actual thing. Design day is a day where we learn the design cycle and we learned the C.R.A.P. principles. Yes, I know, you’re probably stifling a laugh right now. C.R.A.P. Contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity. So it does mean something, it’s just in that particular order. I would like to learn more about different things on Photoshop. I have used it a bit in Sixth Grade, but not a lot, so I’m not that familiar with it. I’ve used Illustrator, which is good for working with graphics and vectors. I want to know how to use different filters and what each tool on the sidebar does. If I could do the day over again, I would probably plan my time out better because I had a little limit of time. One of my keep time on track strategy is to set a stopwatch of thirty minutes or a time that I think is reasonable. I get to stay on track and I can practice time management.

That’s it for today!

Design Day Post :)

Hellooo designerss!

Today’s design day, and for our first task we had to design a paper airplane. Here’s a pic –

Yes, that says #TeamHashtag. That’s my team name. I decorated the plane, and my team member Melani folded the plane. There was two plane designs, but we thought that the other plane’s design was not that great. We came up with a design, the hornets, the tree and a 9th Grade design. We had to read a book for Lit. Circles in a group, and mine was Speak. That’s where all the hornets, trees and 9th Grade designs came from. We had to do all the Lit. Circles in one week, so it really was an interesting experience for us. There were a lot of chapters, so we spent most of our time on it! I think we did a good job.

Some questions and comments I have about the Design Cycle:

About how many projects will we use the Design Cycle with?

My comments

I think that the design cycle is just like the inquiry cycle, which we used in lower school, but the design cycle is used for design, instead of inquiry. I guess that design can relate to inquiry, because we have to learn more about the design in order to do a good job, and the final outcome of the work looks organised, professional and flawless. My approaches to learning is increasing rapidly, as I become able to contribute more ideas to previous things I learnt, like my design skills (art) for the plane, as seen above. It’s not the best of my work, but I did try hard, to fit all the ideas on a not-that-big, not-that-tiny wings of an airplane. Also, I was able to deepen my knowledge on technology, as I learnt more about ways to find pictures that aren’t copyright using Creative Commons and I learned to use Instant Alpha on my selected pictures using Keynote. I knew how to use Instant Alpha on Preview, but I wasn’t sure how on Keynote because of the different colors that signified what was about to be taken away.

That’s it for today!

Humanities Unit Reflection

Hello people of the world and possibly beyond 😀

We have just finished basically all our first units. Math, Art, P.E., Science, Humanities… it’s considered a lot! Well, today’s going to be





We just had our mapping test (written), and what I think I did well was labelling the BOLTS, finding the capitals (even though they didn’t count as points) and identifying the rivers, mountains and deserts. I don’t think I did as well as I wanted, because I had some parts where I was just confused, and didn’t completely understand. If I did this test again, I would probably try to understand/learn more about my weak points so I can grow a deeper understanding about something. I could try to do different activities about a certain area that I am not that familiar in, so not only do I know more, I can apply my new knowledge to something else.



We also had to create maps (personal), designed by yours truly. I had a lot of fun with this project, as I actually got to make my own country. I called it Sunsation. (It’s kind of like a play on words… sunset and sensation. Famous for the sunsets and it’s a sensation! :D) I think I did a good job on this assignment, better than the previous one, because I was able to do most of things. I was able to draw the country to scale, draw latitude and longitude lines and develop a legend. I think that I could do a better job on the legend, title and scale, because it doesn’t look very appealing. It’s written with pencil. I think I could outline the words in a dark marker, or color in the background to make it look a little more appealing. If I did this again, I would, yes, make the map look a little more appealing, and I would also try to place the map in the middle of the paper, instead of at the top.



Problem Solving Math Assessment

Hello everybody!

So… we had our MATH ASSESSMENT! It was so problem solving, and the theme was basically about swimming laps. What I think I did well was that I was able to organise my information in a clear and concise way, in a table. It displayed my answers clearly. I think I still need to work on reading graphs and predicting, because on the fourth (back-to-back) page, it showed a graph and I had to predict/calculate the answers. I know how to predict/calculate the answers, but I may not get the right answer each time. I also think I need to work on my problem evaluation skills, as sometimes I misread the question, and I get the answer wrong.


Hmmmm…. in class, we do a lot of class discussions and we work on our problem solving skills, either individually or in a group. I would rank my self a six out of ten in terms of participation in groups because in most activities, I wasn’t quite sure about how something worked, so I would ask or participate in our discussions to find out more, to get to know something better. Rarely, I just don’t talk to my group mates, but that’s because sometimes I want to try out something on my own. In terms of participation in class, I still rank my self a six out of ten because I am able to answer most of the questions, and I listen closely when Mrs Kirchner ( Our math teacher 🙂 ) asks a question so I can quickly calculate or find out the answer. Sometimes, I’m writing in my math book, finishing up my problem, gluing something in, or cutting something so I don’t have my full attention on Mrs Kirchner.. I’ve got to try to stop what I’m doing and listen to the teacher… (Sometimes I just find it a little hard not to finish something fully; it feels like it’s incomplete and not good.)

I learnt that when it comes to problem solving, sometimes I just rush to get things done, when I think it’s simple. But when it’s an unfamiliar problem, I have a small (good?) habit of staring at the problem for two minutes or so, just to get my brain flowing and working, to evaluate the question. Also, if I don’t understand the question, the first thing I would do, is the small ‘habit’. If I still don’t understand it, then I would seek help, and go ask Mrs Kirchner.

That was quite a post, wasn’t it! This is my very first post in this blog-turned-iFolio…

(P.S. I’ve started to use dividers so my blog posts look neater and organized.)







Why YAY?



Upper School is pretty much the same like the Lower School. It’s just a lot more complicated. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s not the same. It’s TOTALLY different. Now I’m going to scream silently in my head. *SCREAMS IN HEAD* Ahh. Yes. Where was I? Ah yes, I was talking about Upper School. We’ve got so many different teachers. And classes. And mostly it’s just a new environment. To be the Pre-Receptions of the Upper School.

I’m hoping a survive! No, just joking, yes, I’ll stay alive! (:D)

042696 😀

Back To School.. So Soon?

Well.. our summer break’s nearly gone. I’m anxiously waiting to find out which class I’m in! I’m SUPER EXCITED and SUPER NERVOUS because, well, Grade 7’s like the Grade 1 of the Lower School. The youngest ‘batch’ ( 🙂 ) of students from the Upper School.. but that means UPPER SCHOOL IS A WHOLE NEW LEARNING EXPERIENCE!! Different classes, different teachers… I’m just really looking forward to classes next year… Good luck for me!

042696 🙂

Despicable Me 2 Movie!

So, if you guys don’t know, the movie Despicable Me 2 came out recently!!! It’s a sequel to the first movie.

I’ve watched it already and, well, I was laughing so hard at every scene. It’s pretty much the first movie that made me laugh so hard. And for comedy, I am quite a tough nut to crack. Why do I love this movie so much? Well, partly because of the comedy and partly because of the…


Minions are cute, little, loyal ‘assistants’ in this movie. They’re just plain ADORABLE. You don’t get it? I’ll explain it in a ‘conversation’ below:


Me: How could you not like Minions? Not liking Minions is just like…not liking puppies!! (Credit to Pitch Perfect, my second all-time fave movie.)

Other person: They’re okay! It’s just that they’re not my cup of tea..


Well, I hope this mini-‘convo’ helped you understand my THING with Minions right now.. 🙂

So that’s it. For today. See ya! Poopaye! (As the Minions would say Goodbye.”


New (LOOK) For My Blog

Hey everyone!!

So lately, I’ve been thinking about something… 

If I already ‘graduated’ from Grade 6, does that still mean I’m an Atom??

Well, I’ve decided that YES, I’m still an Atom but just not in Grade 6. Then, I decided that I should change the look of my blog because I really don’t think: ALUMNI ATOM 9 would sound nice… 

So I changed it to a HUNGER GAMES THEME!!!!

I really, really, really like the books because even though they’re fictional, they actually send a message. I read the back of the book and it said that the author, Suzanne Collins, got the idea of the Hunger Games while watching a documentary about child soldiers. This way, we can learn something new, while reading a interesting book. I never knew that this was based on child soldiers before I read the back of the book.

So if you see the Hunger Games in a bookstore, library etc. I would HIGHLY recommend you read it.

✰The Girl on Fire✰