IB Learner Profile Trait #4 – Caring

A caring person demonstrates empathy, compassionate, and respect through a variety of ways that ultimately aim to create a positive difference on the lives of others. In November 2016, I went on a CAS trip to Fiji, and helped build the walkway for the students at Mulomulo Primary School. This allowed me to personally grow as I have since become more appreciative of what I possess and also allowed me to actively and enthusiastically partake in helping build the walkway and interact with the students.


I have also made efforts to help Hong Kong’s youth by participating in the Global Issues Network club The Reading Tree at CDNIS as part of the Kids 4 Kids sector, and have been creating lesson plans since August 2016, an example of which can be seen below. I collaborate actively with my partner to create effective and succinct lesson plans for the volunteers to follow that will successful engage and be fun and educational for the children.

Kids 4 Kids Lesson Plan for Mouse Shapes by Natalie on Scribd