TOK Task #10 – “Group” Knowledge in the Arts

“Without the group to verify it, knowledge is not possible.”

The role of the ‘group’ in the production of knowledge is to confirm and verify the information. Verification in the production of knowledge is crucial if it is intended to be shared so it can be universally understood, at least to a certain extent.

This links to personal and shared knowledge as shared knowledge would potentially need to be confirmed or verified as true or empirical for universal understanding. Shared knowledge would need to be verified if it was something people had to understand to a certain level to serve a certain purpose, for example learning maths to become an engineer, or learning physics to become an architect. Personal knowledge does not necessarily have to be verified, as personal knowledge can be something such as emotions, and all emotions, while not all right, are all valid.

In the arts, there are many types of knowledge, such as conceptual knowledge, moral knowledge, and aesthetic knowledge. Conceptual knowledge allows humans to understand human-established concepts, such as our emotions and beliefs. Art can provide us with conceptual knowledge by eliciting emotions from humans and hence, making us aware of them. Moral knowledge is also an example of knowledge provided by the arts, as art can appeal to a certain cultural context and allow the viewer to become influenced or educated about an issue. However, moral knowledge generally builds upon our preconceived notions, and thus, moral knowledge is developed instead of created.

Claims in art are generally open to being shared and discuss. Usually, most people form opinions and debate over art, such as whether a created piece is art or not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as the confines of art are not restricting. There is a lot of room for subjectivity in the arts, and consequently, not many definitive answers. Subjectivity and ambiguity in arts is what allows claims to be shared and discussed, as there is less of a “black or white” scenario.

TOK Task #9 – What Is Art?

Knowledge within arts is not objective & therefore not meaningful.

If knowledge is subjective, it is not meaningful because there are too many approaches and thus, diverges from the general sum of what is known and understood.

In the arts, it is difficult for a consensus to be reached about what a piece is about as it holds different meaning for individuals. When something is capable of eliciting different emotions for different people, knowledge about the piece cannot be formed as the way the piece is being perceived and approached is so different – it would not be easy for everyone to reach the same understandings, particularly if emotions affect the learning of knowledge. For example, Onement VI by Barnett Newman, was a painting that had a turquoise stripe separating two dark blue rectangles. Firstly, it would be difficult for most people to understand what the piece is, which means that the thoughts produced could not be knowledge and would be potentially superficial in terms of understanding. Secondly, no knowledge that is substantial can be reached because all the knowledge is stemmed from individual emotions. Knowledge from individual emotions are merely thoughts that have been generated after perceiving something. This knowledge cannot be transferred because it is not a total representation of what something is supposed to mean, and consequently, no widely accepted sum of what is known can be reached.

However, on the other hand, regardless of the source of knowledge absorption, there is a plethora of ways of knowing, subjective and objective, that make knowledge valid, particularly moral knowledge. If information produced is understood from subjective ways of knowing, then subjective knowledge is meaningful regardless of how opinionated it is, as it still provides us with certain cultural contexts and understandings about morals. Learning subjective ideas can be considered knowledge as learning about individual emotions can be related to learning about human psychology with a real life source. For example, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Irony of a Negro Policeman” is a piece of artwork pertaining to racial issues. The way we perceive the artwork may tell us more about racial issues from a different perspective, perhaps through the way Basquiat depicts this policeman. The artwork can allow the audience to gain a deeper understanding about the cultural contexts involved, and how race issues are prevalent.

TOK Task #8 – Intro to Natural Sciences

What distinguishes Natural Science from other AOKs? Identify any potential issues or questions that may arise when you consider your definitions.

In my opinion, the fact that Natural Sciences are the first fallback for any statement or claim because of its’ factual property distinguishes the AOK from other AOKs. From Naomi Oreskes’ TED talk on the topic of ‘why we should trust scientists’, a statement regarding the reason the Natural Sciences are our number one fallback when investigating and learning is because of the scientific method, meaning that we were taught that scientists follow a method that guarantees the truth of their claims, meaning that these methods are credible and can be relied on. Natural Sciences are also automatically the number one fallback for support for claims because of the factual quality of the sciences – we believe that science has the power to prove or disprove something because there is substantial evidentiary support, at least to a certain degree, that determines something to be true.

The primary question that would arise towards this definition is how true the idea that the Natural Sciences are all proven with facts is, considering that it can be argued that all scientific theories and discoveries are all opinions that have certain support that align at a certain time. This means that the facts are not substantially true, which can deter its reliability in terms of why the Natural Sciences is a primary fallback for most claims. Another problem about the factuality of the Natural Sciences is that they are inductive rather than deductive, meaning that scientists start with observations, from which they form theories from. This means that what we know, which is derived from scientific knowledge, is all based on their sense perception and how they saw a certain idea. This does not necessarily mean that the theory is true, even if there is evidence that just so happens to support it. This diminishes the factual credibility of the Natural Sciences, which is what humans are heavily reliant on when trying to be more credible with their claims.

TOK Task #4 – Vagueness & Ambiguity of Language

The vagueness and ambiguity of language always limits the production of knowledge.

In pursuit of knowledge, subjectivity and objectivity must come into play. However, what they both have in common is that both perspectives can be vague and ambiguous.

This claim states that vagueness and ambiguity of language always limits the production of knowledge. The term ‘production’ is vague in itself – by production, does one mean to generate knowledge? To convey and distribute knowledge? To interpret knowledge? The statement can be interpreted in many different ways and is still correct.

Being vague or ambiguous with language does not always limit the production of knowledge. For example, it is not necessarily limiting being vague or ambiguous with language in arts. Being vague or ambiguous in the arts allow the audience to let the art influence them in individual ways, which can be argued to be the point of art. A piece of artwork with two stripes painted on it would be considered ambiguous but it could impact people in different ways and produce different opinions and interpretations of it. These productions of knowledge are still valid regardless of the fact that they differ from each other because the art itself was created to be interpreted with influence from every individual’s mind.

On the other hand, being vague or ambiguous with language could limit the production of knowledge as well, for example in the natural sciences. If someone writes the methodology for a lab report with vague terms, the results produced using that method would be invalid because there could have been an error in the execution of the experiment as the method wasn’t clear enough. This could severely impact what humans know to this day and whether something is scientifically possible or not and cause a misinformation spread with humans.

There are limits to being vague and ambiguous as there are advantages to being vague and ambiguous. In the end, both are valid when it comes to the production of knowledge dependent on what the topic is. If the subject is more subjective, then being vague and ambiguous could work in its favor. If the subject is more objective, then being vague and ambiguous could be more harmful and limiting.


TOK Task #2 – “Even though there are problems with our perceptual systems, this doesn’t mean that knowledge gained from our senses is completely unreliable”

“Even though there are problems with our perceptual systems, this doesn’t mean that knowledge gained from our senses is completely unreliable.”

Knowledge gained from our senses isn’t completely unreliable despite the fact that there are problems with our perceptual systems, and perhaps that different people have different opinions.

These ‘problems’ with our perceptual systems could range from being deaf, blind etc. in terms of the five senses, but even if so, the use of their other senses cannot be invalidated when perceiving objects or notions as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also, the word ‘unreliable’ suggests that something is untrustworthy, but how can something be deemed unreliable if it is someone’s perception? It depends on the knowledge in question. 

This statement works in favour of the arts. Suppose that there is a sculpture and two people are viewing it. One is blind, and the other has senses that are fully functional. The blind person’s perception of the sculpture is not unreliable despite the fact that he cannot see the composition of it, but he can still feel it physically. This provides someone with fully functional senses with an exclusive perspective of how the sculpture feels. Simultaneously, the person with fully functional senses will experience one more sense than the blind person, but there might be an overwhelming amount of perceptive tools and thus, provides a different experience from the blind person. This knowledge is not completely unreliable because it is still a perspective, and it is important for perspectives to be considered when trying to judge something as subjective as art. In this case, perspective could be considered knowledge. 

Furthermore, perspectives are still valued in history, but it should be facts that dictate how our society acts upon different morals and ethics. If a soldier from WW2 gives a testimony, there is no way to define how reliable this is as he could be suffering from PTSD and thus, dramatise some events. This still doesn’t invalidate his testimony even if his perceptual systems were influenced as there is a level of bias, and this bias can be useful when analysing the different sides of the story in history in order for us to establish our own perspective.

Whether knowledge is reliable or not is highly dependent on what the subject matter is. However, the perspective, despite the problems in perceptual systems, is still valid as perspectives allow us to gain insight about the people around us, and that is knowledge in itself. Knowledge can be divided into quantifiable (e.g scientific data, statistics) and unquantifiable (e.g analysis of art) – if it is quantifiable, then the level of unreliability should be more heavily considered, but if it is unquantifiable, then all knowledge is reliable. 

DP Retreat (17/8-18/8) Reflection

Going into the DP Retreat, I didn’t really have any expectations. In the beginning, I honestly just thought that it would be another team building experience, and yes, it was, but it was more than that.

In those two days, I made more friends and built on my existing friendships. I particularly enjoyed the movie night on the first day, as I liked that we were exposed to a different way of learning TOK, which was through film (and the fact that there was popcorn didn’t hurt either). I also enjoyed that we were allowed to have free time – by this, I mean that we were allowed to have more time to interact with different people and develop friendships. I found myself opening up to some people and becoming closer to them, and also making some new friends, some of which were in my room. 

Personally, I believe that rooming with people I wasn’t close with was challenging. I didn’t really know any of my roommates, and I was scared that I wouldn’t get along well with my roommates and wouldn’t know how to talk or what to talk about with them. However, on the night of the first day, I was more confident and decided to get to know people better and make more friends, and thus, I began to put more effort into communicating and interacting with my roommates and eventually surpassed the border of unfamiliarity. 

I found the sessions we had on day 2 quite useful, as they allowed me to start thinking about my future and what I wanted to do. There was a good combination of fun activities and important information that allowed me to realise what I needed to do in order to achieve what I want in the future. The poetry workshop, the ‘failure’ workshop (Mr Smeed), and the ‘camping trip’ workshop were among my favourites as they allowed me to learn more about myself and my interests while thinking critically. Also, I enjoyed the TOK sessions about what I am and the world around me because it questioned almost everything I knew and allowed me to step back and take a clearer look at myself and my world.

Also, I really enjoyed the fact that there was a yoga session – it allowed me to think and digest what I learnt in the previous sessions more efficiently and cleared my head of all distractions and stress. The previous sessions were a bit content heavy and made my mind hurt and yoga was a good mindfulness activity that helped me keep my mind calm. 

The DP Retreat was an unforgettable experience that made me more aware of myself and my world, and also the people around me.  It made me check my privilege (i.e. poverty simulation). It made me more aware of what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, and that I have support around me. It also made me more aware that two years of the DP are ahead of me and that it will be tough, but will be worth it. 

CAS – What I’ve Done, What I Want To Do, and What I’m Going To Do

Action and service are crucial when determining what a good global citizen is. In the seventh grade, I volunteered to carol during Christmas as action – this not only helps the community around me, it also helps me develop self-confidence skills. In the eighth grade, on the CAS day, I signed up for making cards for children, deciding to use my artistic skills for good. In the future, I plan to do community service for Crossroads (in Hong Kong) regularly as personal enrichment and to help people around me. Also, I would like to do something more with arts, or with baking in the future, so I can use my skills for good.

Waste Not, Want Not Survey

Hi all,

Recently for our Design unit, our task was to design a package for a piece of CDNIS merchandise of our selection. I chose the luggage strap, and the packaging can be seen below (CLICK THE IMAGE, IT’S ACTUALLY A GIF)


ezgif-3256314219I’d really appreciate some feedback, so if you have the time, I’d really like if you left some feedback here. Thanks so so much!


Rhythm 2 & 3 Worksheet

Photo on 31-1-15 at 8.36 pm

(Rhythm 2)

Photo on 31-1-15 at 8.38 pm


(Rhythm 3)

This rhythms worksheet really helped me become more familiar with rhythms, even though I’m still a little slow on finding what note or what rest to put in the bar so that it matches the time signature. My strategy to find what note or rest is to count the notes and see if I can ‘group’ any together to form another note, as you can see in the sheets above.

8 Bar Melody Reflection (New and Improved Attached Below)

After I received a comment, I made further edits to my (group and I’s) 8 Bar Rhythm/Melody, which you can see below. I didn’t change much, the largest change was probably the last note, where I made it longer.

Rhythm - ENZ(Rhythm)



I think that this helped me improve my music skills, particularly my composing and Finale skills, because Finale allowed me (and my partners) to play around with different notes and rests and compose a piece. I feel that this experience has helped me developed more musical knowledge, and I am able to apply (more of) my musical knowledge into musical/rhythmic composition now.

Criteria D (Responding) – Personal Reflection

At the start of the year, I was extremely unconfident with note reading and what notes meant, the different sharps and flats, but after the exercises, worksheets and continuously practicing reading music, I feel like I’ve gotten better at distinguishing the different aspects in music theory.

I’ve furthered my development as a musician because I am able to read notes faster and can tell which notes are what note. Also, I can understand the ‘commands’/directions when reading sheet music, such as the repeat signs, the D.C. (al Coda/al Fine etc.).

Considering that I’m more of a drummer than a xylophonist, I tend to listen to music that contains a large amount of drums in it. My main influences consist of a few drummers, notable examples being the late Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan from Avenged Sevenfold and the current Avenged Sevenfold drummer, Arin Ilejay. These two drummers play for the same band, and they’re my influences because their technique is amazing and there’s usually different grooves and beats in all their band’s songs respectively. They’ve also inspired me by sort of helping me develop a goal to work towards, such as ‘learn how to play (insert song name here)’ to learn the techniques used in their songs. An example would be in one of Avenged Sevenfold’s newer songs, ‘Shepherd of Fire’, where Ilejay uses a double kick to create a faster kick drum beat. In this case, one of my goals would be to try out the double kick, which would be beneficial to me if I wanted to be a drummer in the future.


Practical Performance Reflection – Scarborough Fair

Task: Select (at least) ONE question and create an iFolio post where you reflect on your practical performance by responding to the prompt question.  You may like to include your recording of Scarborough Fair on your iFolio site.

1. What are the benefits of PRACTICING towards musical goals?

Overall answer: The benefits of practicing towards musical goals is that you’ll eventually become better after you practice. This is an extreme benefit because you become more confident when playing your instrument which is fairly important when you’re performing or rehearsing in a large group.

Specific to Scarborough Fair Recording/Performance: Before I submitted my Scarborough Fair piece, I rehearsed it quite a few times and practiced it beforehand to achieve a better mark on my recording of Scarborough Fair. I managed to play it almost correctly and efficiently after rehearsing and practicing. Rehearsing and practicing a song before I record it is extremely important, because the final outcome is hugely affected by it, especially this recording*. However, according to my feedback, when I’m practicing for a recording or performance, I need to focus on remembering to roll some notes.

*I actually recorded the before and after and listened to the difference.


2. How can you develop FLUENCY in your playing?

Overall answer: You can develop fluency in your playing by practicing and finding errors and correcting them. Eventually, the final outcome will be worth it and probably sound a lot better than when you first play it. Also, you could do some research and find information on what some things mean (e.g. if you don’t understand how long a rest is)

Specific to Scarborough Fair Recording/Performance: I practiced quite a bit for this recording/performance and recorded myself without practicing first, then finding errors and slowly correcting and recorded the final ‘playing’. Also, there was a note or rest (or was it the time signature..?) that I wasn’t clear on, so I looked back into the book for reference on what it meant. This helped me developed fluency when playing because knowing/comprehending what the piece is telling you develops the final outcome.



Is My iFolio Ready To Be Included in School Reporting?

Hi everyone!

I think that my iFolio is ready to be included in school reporting because I have recorded most of the events that happened from the start of the year to the end. I have sufficient reflections on activities and assessments I’ve had that demonstrate my learning. Also, I wrote about the different experiences I have experienced in this year, for example playing an instrument and performing in YOTH and experiencing CAS Week in Taiwan. Also, in my iFolio, you can see how I learnt more or developed certain skills, for example leaning on the artistic side, my design skills when I was designing my book jacket. Also, my iFolio is like an online journal where I can express my feelings about my assessments and activities and overall everything that has happened. When writing in my iFolio, I think that I communicate clearly so my readers can understand what I’m writing.


我首詩 - A Poem I Wrote (It’s In Chinese, The Poem and My Post)

Hello! Today’s post is a post in Chinese, so you readers out there that don’t understand Chinese, you might want to get someone that knows Chinese to translate it for you :D. Well, shall we get started?



My Community and Service (Term 1)

Hi everyone! This is going to be my first community and service post 🙂

In this first term, as community service, I Christmas Carol-ed for the students/staff/teachers at CDNIS! Here’s a picture below –

For Christmas, a bunch of seventh graders signed up to sing Christmas Carols! I felt really good, to do something nice for everyone else and to raise Christmas cheer 😀 .We were singing in front of the Christmas tree, and lots of kids sat down to listen to us carol. It was really fun and interesting, as I had never done pretty much anything like this before. I’d say I’ve improved my social skills and became a little more confident in what I was doing, because I was in a large group and we were all having fun, sharing joy and happiness. I learnt to become a little more confident because at first I was a bit nervous in using my voice in front of a semi-large crowd, but then I started enjoying myself. To be honest, this experience was way different from what I thought it would be like. When I first received the sign-up sheet, I realised only a few people signed up, but I decided to sign up anyway. I thought that there were only going to be five to ten people but then WHOOSH! I guess 20 – 30 people 😀 ! I really liked the fact that we all sang as a group for our own entertainment and for others, well, actually, to put it in another way, I basically liked everything! (I couldn’t reach a lot of the high notes though). If I could do something again it would probably be to get there earlier because I actually noticed that there were a lot of people walking pass earlier, but less later.

Art Reflection :)

Hi everybody,

We’re close to finishing the art ‘period’, which means the art class term is ending. We had art for the past few months, and we did a lot of art pieces. In this art unit I learned a lot more. I learnt about Impressionism, the different artists in the Impressionism era, one point perspective, two point perspective, still life drawing, drawing two things merged into one, shading techniques.. the list goes on and on! I was pretty good at the one point perspective, and drawing two things merged into one. I think I could improve drawing the Impressionist paintings using chalk pastel.

*All drawings are copyrighted   ©Natalie

The drawing above was my two things merged into one. As you can see, the drawing incorporates a cupcake and a bottle of soap. I was able to merge the two realistically, and portray the cupcake and the soap. For extra decorations I added a towel, some decorations and the bubbles. The bubbles were probably the most fun in the entire drawing process. I layered different colors around the bubble to create a 3-D effect. I’d say the hardest part to do was the towel. It wasn’t really hard to draw loops, but drawing a lot in one time confused me, sometimes I would use the wrong color!

*All drawings are copyrighted   ©Natalie

 The drawing above is my one point perspective drawing. As you can see, it’s a pencil sketch. I incorporated Adventure Time characters just for fun, to make it seem like a ‘futuristic-fun’ room. Behind LSP, the angry lump with a star on her forehead is a portal that just spirals on until it reaches the other dimension. I had a lot of fun doing this drawing because drawing these fun cartoons and adding them to a classic one point perspective drawing is just like merging.

Speak (Book Jacket Design) FINAL Feedback!!

Hi everyone!

As you guys probably know, we’ve been doing our Design projects, and I just need some feedback for my book jacket! Would you please take about 5 minutes and help me complete this survey? Thanks a lot! The  survey is below this paragraph.

(My book jacket is below©, click to enlarge. Also, the [insert blurb here] part is just a placeholder to show where the blurb will go.)



Book Jacket Mock Ups – Speak

Hello everybody!

We’re currently doing a Design Project, and we’re already on Criterion B, where we’re required to make book jacket mock-ups for our English Lit. Circles books. The one I’m currently reading is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Please give some constructive feedback below about my two book jacket covers using the following ‘template’ of “I like…I wish…What if…”. Please make sure that you refer to the mock-up(©The book covers below are copyrighted and it belongs to me.)

Mock-Up 1 


Mock-Up 2

P.S. These images may be a little too small, so you can just open them separately (click on photo)



Design Day Autobiography Cover :)

Heyhey everybody! We had to make a autobiography of ourselves book cover, so here it is down below –

Sorry if it’s a little small… you can click it to enlarge it, I guess. If it doesn’t work, you can just drag the photo down and read it there… 🙂


(Hey you, yeah you. Comment on my post, finishing these sentences:

1) I like…

2) I wish…

3) If you…


Well, let me do a quick reflection..  I thought that design day was going to be all fun and games and just designing nearly anything you want. Well, this inference was completely different from the actual thing. Design day is a day where we learn the design cycle and we learned the C.R.A.P. principles. Yes, I know, you’re probably stifling a laugh right now. C.R.A.P. Contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity. So it does mean something, it’s just in that particular order. I would like to learn more about different things on Photoshop. I have used it a bit in Sixth Grade, but not a lot, so I’m not that familiar with it. I’ve used Illustrator, which is good for working with graphics and vectors. I want to know how to use different filters and what each tool on the sidebar does. If I could do the day over again, I would probably plan my time out better because I had a little limit of time. One of my keep time on track strategy is to set a stopwatch of thirty minutes or a time that I think is reasonable. I get to stay on track and I can practice time management.

That’s it for today!



Why YAY?



Upper School is pretty much the same like the Lower School. It’s just a lot more complicated. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s not the same. It’s TOTALLY different. Now I’m going to scream silently in my head. *SCREAMS IN HEAD* Ahh. Yes. Where was I? Ah yes, I was talking about Upper School. We’ve got so many different teachers. And classes. And mostly it’s just a new environment. To be the Pre-Receptions of the Upper School.

I’m hoping a survive! No, just joking, yes, I’ll stay alive! (:D)

042696 😀

Back To School.. So Soon?

Well.. our summer break’s nearly gone. I’m anxiously waiting to find out which class I’m in! I’m SUPER EXCITED and SUPER NERVOUS because, well, Grade 7’s like the Grade 1 of the Lower School. The youngest ‘batch’ ( 🙂 ) of students from the Upper School.. but that means UPPER SCHOOL IS A WHOLE NEW LEARNING EXPERIENCE!! Different classes, different teachers… I’m just really looking forward to classes next year… Good luck for me!

042696 🙂

Despicable Me 2 Movie!

So, if you guys don’t know, the movie Despicable Me 2 came out recently!!! It’s a sequel to the first movie.

I’ve watched it already and, well, I was laughing so hard at every scene. It’s pretty much the first movie that made me laugh so hard. And for comedy, I am quite a tough nut to crack. Why do I love this movie so much? Well, partly because of the comedy and partly because of the…


Minions are cute, little, loyal ‘assistants’ in this movie. They’re just plain ADORABLE. You don’t get it? I’ll explain it in a ‘conversation’ below:


Me: How could you not like Minions? Not liking Minions is just like…not liking puppies!! (Credit to Pitch Perfect, my second all-time fave movie.)

Other person: They’re okay! It’s just that they’re not my cup of tea..


Well, I hope this mini-‘convo’ helped you understand my THING with Minions right now.. 🙂

So that’s it. For today. See ya! Poopaye! (As the Minions would say Goodbye.”


New (LOOK) For My Blog

Hey everyone!!

So lately, I’ve been thinking about something… 

If I already ‘graduated’ from Grade 6, does that still mean I’m an Atom??

Well, I’ve decided that YES, I’m still an Atom but just not in Grade 6. Then, I decided that I should change the look of my blog because I really don’t think: ALUMNI ATOM 9 would sound nice… 

So I changed it to a HUNGER GAMES THEME!!!!

I really, really, really like the books because even though they’re fictional, they actually send a message. I read the back of the book and it said that the author, Suzanne Collins, got the idea of the Hunger Games while watching a documentary about child soldiers. This way, we can learn something new, while reading a interesting book. I never knew that this was based on child soldiers before I read the back of the book.

So if you see the Hunger Games in a bookstore, library etc. I would HIGHLY recommend you read it.

✰The Girl on Fire✰

SUMMER’S HERE!!!! Yay, or Nay?

First of all YAY!!!!!!!!!

But…there’s also the downside… :'(



Well, I’m going to say a last farewell to all the departing teachers, staff and students.. Goodbye and I wish you best of luck wherever you go!

It was great to be in 6A with Ms Sandul… I’ll visit her once in a while!

Atom 9 🙂 😉 :'( 

P.S. HAGS (Have a great summer, or as my friend says: HATS, which meaning have a terrific summer… I think 🙂 .)






I’M SO SO SO SO HAPPY.. but I’m a little sad as well….

Because I won’t see my friends for a whole month and a half.. (I think)

But I’ll be able to relax and learn new things!

So you could say I’m having mixed emotions…

We have two parties coming up! Our Celebration party and our Grade party.. which is a little similar. I’m going to miss a lot of people!

But don’t forget, school’s not out yet.. still a few days! 

The House©

“For me, I know it would be!”, Marissa grinned.

Jasmine looked around the room once more, now completely motivated by the strangeness of this to bolt right through the doors. She ran to the doors but an icy force dragged her back.

“What are you doing?”, Jasmine snapped.

“Get out of here….”, Marissa said, her pupils dilated and blue, gazing off into the distance.

“WHAT’S HAPPENING, WAKE UP OR WHATEVER!!”, Jasmine yelled as she shook Marissa’s skinny shoulders.

“Hahahahaha! It’s so funny to prank people.. 🙂 I sure love pranks!”, Marissa said, clutching her stomach while laughing.

“You tricked me? I WAS SO SCARED!! DON’T PLAY WITH MY EMOTIONS LIKE THAT!”, Jasmine shouted.

“Well, sorry.”, Marissa said, not feeling sorry at all and giggling.

“Never mind, but… hey, that’s an interesting crystal ball! What’s it do?”, Jasmine said as she ran towards the ball.

“No!!! Don’t!! It’ll.. za-…”, the words came out of Marissa’s mouth but it was too late. Jasmine had zapped herself out of the room.

“Sigh.. it’s gonna be a loong day.”, Marissa said.

“Wake up, sunshine, get ready to go! Wake up, sunshine, get ready to go!”, Jasmine’s phone’s alarm repeatedly bleated that annoying tune.

Jasmine grabbed her phone and punched in the turn-off button for the alarm. The noise stopped abruptly. She laid back down on her bed and looked up at the ceiling. She wasn’t in Calloway Manor or whatever. She was at home, back in London.

“It must’ve been a dream.”, she muttered to herself.

“No, it wasn’t a dream. I’m real.”, a young feminine voice rang out.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, Jasmine shrieked as she ran out of the room.

Jasmine’s older sister Jenna came out of the closet and laughed. Jasmine could be so funny to trick sometimes. Jenna cupped her hand over her mouth, trying to conceal her unstoppable laughter.

“NO I AM REAL. STOP TRYING TO PRETEND YOU’RE ME.”, another feminine voice rang out.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”, Jenna screamed and ran.

Marissa (she’s a ghost now; quite friendly, in fact.) slithered out of the air vent and silently laughed. Oh, humans are so funny, they make a great entertainment, she thought to herself as she sailed out the window.

Like my story? I know, I know, it’s pretty short but with summer quickly approaching, I decided to conclude this one… if people like this story, I might write a sequel!!! Comment, comment, comment! <— That’s the magical word in blogging. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Atom 9

The House© Pt. 2

*Sigh*. That was very loud in Calloway Manor. Jasmine turned to a painting of a beautiful lady having tea. Then, she turned around.

“OH MY GOOOSHHHH!!!! AHHHH!”, Jasmine shrieked.

Apparently, a huge spider was looking at her with his beady red eyes. She stared at him and he stared right back. She backed away from the wall and bumped into the button for the light for the chandelier, so the warm light that flooded the house once instantly disappeared. She was surrounded by darkness, cobwebs and other creepy things like that. She moved her hands against the wall and the light that once was on flickered on again. Jasmine sighed in relief, dropped the heavy boxes and wiped the sweat off her forehead.

Jasmine trailed her finger against the dusty rail of the stairs as she walked up. She quickly wiped the dust off her fingers on her shorts. Well, this place is super cold, Jasmine thought as she shuddered and zipped up her hoodie. She walked down the hallway of the second floor and her foot got caught on something on the scuffed ruby red carpet. Jasmine started to fall but maintained her balance just in time. She yanked off the carpet and found a round shiny handle that looked a little rusty. She tugged the handle but it wouldn’t open. Jasmine tugged harder and she fell back. She looked at the space and thought it might be a trapdoor.

The trapdoor was in fact, a trapdoor. There were a pair of stairs leading below. It was pitch black. Jasmine had the urge to go down the stairs. Before she could control herself she went down the stairs and tried to get a grip by slamming her clammy hands against the icy cold stone walls. Her hand got stuck against something and she pushed it, it was a button. The passageway dimly lit up. Jasmine looked up around the passageway when the trapdoor suddenly slammed shut. A wave of goosebumps invaded her skin as she ran up the stairs and pounded on the door. No one heard her. The only thing left she could do now was continue walking.

After walking for what seemed like half an hour she fell down on her knees. Jasmine didn’t know what to do. She was hungry, tired and sleepy but she stood back up on her shaking knees from the cold and continued walking. Jasmine came across two doors. One that said ‘Enter At Your Own Risk’ and the other said ‘FOOD!’. Jasmine always saw in books that the doors that said something great or for your need always had something bad in it, so she went into the ‘Enter At Your Own Risk’ door. Inside the fairly vast room, the light was really bright. Jasmine squinted her eyes so her eyes could adjust to the bright light. She looked around the room and found a lot of different antiques.

“What did the wind blow in?”, a cheerful young feminine voice rang out. Jasmine slowly turned around. The figure that stood before her was quite slender. She had curly auburn hair tied up in a robin’s egg blue silk ribbon, a dressy gown that was in the same color as her ribbon. Her eyes were a hazelnut brown. She was beautiful, in Jasmine’s opinion.

“Who-who are you?”, Jasmine said, afraid as she shrunk back into the wall.

“I’m Marissa Calloway.”, Marissa extended her hand for Jasmine to shake. Jasmine shook her hand.

“I thought you were a ghost……”, Jasmine whispered.

“Well, people said I died or something but noooo. I’ve been living here for…Hmm, let’s see. Quite a few years. Why do I live here? Well, there was a blackmailer of a sort who threatened to attack me, so I lived in this room. Nobody has found me before. The screams from before? Let’s just say, I had nightmares. And I’m pretty dramatic, so it’s pretty loud and scary.”, Marissa explained.

“Then how do you look so young?”, Jasmine asked, puzzled.

“Well, you see. It’s pretty weird. I was just putting my clothes and everything into a cupboard when I found this small vial. It looked like water and I was thirsty so I drank it. I felt this tingly sensation and started to shake. Then I blacked out. I probably woke up a minute later and felt nothing, so I thought it was normal. For the next years, I never grew old.”, Marissa said as she sat on a stool.

“How do you eat or take a shower or use the bathroom?”, Jasmine asked.

“Well, this is actually a earthquake shelter type of thing, so I have lots of supplies… it’s inside the FOOD! room.”, Marissa said.

“This is kinda a lot to take in….”, Jasmine replied.


Relating to the previous post, this is another part of the LTT assessment. is a website for making mindmaps. I used this program to create a mindmap on how can help me with my learning.

As you can see above, can help me with my ICT Skills and learn another program to make a mindmap besides Inspiration 8 IE, which I use a lot. Also, can help me become more organize and be able to categorize everything instead of having everything jumbled up in a mess. Lastly, I can show my learning through is a tool that can organize everything, so everything is clear and concise. I can learn so much more and be able to know what I actually learned/know using (Being able to display all my information and ideas.) is a very interesting and fun tool to use when making mindmaps, so for those out there that are finding a good program to make a mindmap, here it is. (Click the ‘here’ word.)

Atom 9

Mythical Creature

Hey everyone!

Since it’s the end of the year, we have to do a ICT Skills assessment, which requires using our ICT skills. For one activity, we had to draw a “Mythical Creature”, it’s above.

Name: Espellia (Why: It’s a fun/mythical-ish name)

What’s Unique About It: It has the ability to swim, to fly and to shape shift. Also, five animals are incorporated in this drawing: A dragon, a cat, a horse, a fish and a bird.

What’s Good About It: It can control fires, control the way water works and control weather.

What’s Not So Good About It: Sometimes when Espellia can’t decide which animal to be, she goes all crazy and can’t control herself.

Espellia also can act like a house pet, even though she requires a large space to live in!

The Great Mythical Creature Creator,

Atom 9 🙂

A Brand New, Totally New Story (The House©)

Hey guys,

Remember how I said WAAAAY earlier that I would write a “series” on my blog? Well, according to a comment I got, it seems that another chapter is wanted. Still, I wasn’t really “in”with that idea anymore, so I decided to make a brand new story. Just a short one. So the theme is…..*drumroll* The House©….

     Jasmine lived in a old, large, majestic house. The entire house took up ten acres of land. The exterior walls were made entirely of  cobblestone and ivy was creeping up the walls. Jasmine found it creepy but she had no say in this choice. Her parents thought this house was very beautiful.

Nobody had ever lived in this house since 1925; this year was 2013. People around the town said that this old house, called Calloway Manor, was haunted. Why? A film star called Marissa Calloway in 1890 built this house, but she suddenly died in there. The citizens of Jasmine’s town also said that the ghost still haunts the house, protecting her jewels, though they had already been insured and kept in a safe at the bank. Calloway died in 1915 and in 1924, a couple moved in. They were terrified by the wailing sounds in the hallways and the darkness of the house; still, they stood strong until one night, they couldn’t take it anymore. They ran out of the house shrieking and screaming, the woman still in her pink silk nightie, her husband still in his blue velvet pajamas. They moved out of the town, Falidah City and never came back. There were rumors that the people who came out were ghosts, rumors about them moving to Canada. Since 1925, no one, came close to Calloway Manor again.

*The actual day that Jasmine moved in*

Jasmine pushed the button, that had recently been installed for the gates so nobody had to push it open and lugged three of her boxes into the driveway. Gosh, she thought as she looked up at the very top of the house, this thing is really big.

“Honey, would you grab that box over there?”, her mom asked.

“Mom, I’m holding three boxes, two suitcases and a pillow!”, Jasmine replied.

“Never mind then. I’ll ask your dad.”, Jasmine’s mom said as she walked away.

So that’s it for the first chapter! Thanks for reading! (Keep in mind that this is a fictional story and none of this is true)


Atom 9 🙂



Even though there isn’t school, I still have to work! I have quite a lot of things to do, including Chinese. I’m lucky to have an extra “day off”!


(Not so stormy anymore! 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 😀 😀 )

ACTION – Exhibition

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to talk about the Exhibition. To be more specific, Action for the Exhibition.

                                      1)What is my Action?

So, before that entire What is my Action question, I’ll explain what action is. Action is basically when you use all your knowledge or what you know, or under some influence and doing something about it, for example, after watching a documentary, you decide to do something about it.

My action is to start a website on WordPress and to make a public service announcement about female rights.  If you want the link to the website, you can access it here. The PSA can be accessed here. For the website I’ve already posted a first post about female rights and my PSA. I plan on posting another post on the website tomorrow, which is Friday, 3 May, 2013.


  2) Where does this action stand on The Ladder of Participation?

The website is on the fifth part of the ladder because I discussed it with my group members before creating the website. I think it’s okay-good action because it can be continued, but it won’t make such a big difference. The PSA is on the seventh part of the fifth part as well, though it was my idea and my group members didn’t do one. The reason why it was kind of number five and number seven is because it wasn’t GREAT, but it was my own idea and I did it on my own.


So that’s my action!


Atom 9 a.k.a A9Girl




Why? Because I got the first post of my website for the Action for the Exhibition DONE!! 🙂





THANKS!!! In case you were wondering, yes, I am that FR1309 person. I’m a “secret” person. My name is not shown, in this blog and my other blog.. but yes, ACTION!

A9Girl 🙂

EXHIBITION! Oh, the pressure…

Grade 6 PYP Exhibition Video!

Hi guys! (By the way, the video for the Exhibition is above! Below is the logo for the Exhibition that a student named Jackie made!

          This week was pretty awesome! We spent Monday setting up and spent Tuesday and Wednesday presenting. I was really nervous on Monday when we we finished setting up, because I was scared that the display would fall.. lucky for us it didn’t :)! Also, from the setting up, if I ever did it again, I would separate everything into piles so I would know which papers would go into which section. On Tuesday, we presented for students. It was really interesting because we got to experience how to present to different ages and how to change our words so it became simpler for younger ages. On Wednesday I presented again, but to parents and children from the SSLRs. I talked to a lot of parents, but surprisingly, not a lot of them knew about females rights! Some questions the parents asked were pretty hard, but I managed to answer them, which I guess was great. Tonight my goal is to not stutter! I stuttered during the day a little and said a little “um”s at times which made me look a little un-confident.

Well, let me tell you how the exhibition all started and what it is. Basically the exhibition is when we use all our knowledge from our previous years and use if for the exhibition. You could say it’s like a big test or exam, to get into Grade 7. It’s like a transition test from Grade 6 to Grade 7. At first, I thought the exhibition was going to be REALLY tough, but if you use your time well, it won’t be so tough (Even though I did procrastinate at times! Maybe just a day or so 🙂 ). At first, before the actual working-with-groups, we were all buzzing with excitement and was eager to meet our group members. After we got our group members, which in my case were Katrin, Chareese and Melani. Our investigation was about female rights; to me it’s actually a really interesting issue to research because of all the events that have occurred on women lately. I wanted to know more about this issue, even though it was my second choice.

We have to follow the Inquiry Cycle for the entire process of the exhibition, which has to be clearly documented in your process journal. A process journal is basically a book where you fill all your ideas, plans etc. The Inquiry Cycle has a total of six stages: Tuning In, Finding Out, Sorting Out, Going Further, Drawing Conclusions and Action. The Action stage is the most important because after you have your knowledge, what are you going to do about it? Just let all your information go to waste? No! You have to do something about it.

A major conflict we had was about the booth designs, more specifically, the colors and the overall layout. The first unit we had in Grade 6 was REALLY handy. The first unit was about conflict resolution,  so we recalled that unit and remembered the compromising skills we had. Finally, we cam up with a good idea that we each liked, so we could say that the first unit really helped us.

When we were presenting, at first I was really nervous, but after talking to someone, I had the courage to just find someone and talk about my investigation to them. The overall presenting experience was a blast and it was actually easier than I thought… I was quite surprised when I was talking on and on because I actually never knew that I would know my research so well!

Here are some pictures from the process: (They’re not in order though!)




























Weekly Reflection

Hi viewers of my blog!

  Let’s face it. Today was awesome. Like every other. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? Okay, it’s because I made a to-do list to keep me organized! Isn’t that awesome? Well, this time I used an application called Anxiety. It’s pretty awesome! You can tick what you’ve done that’s on the list.

Atom 9

Weekly Reflection

Hi guys!

     This week was pretty much fun. Since Monday and Tuesday were Professional Development Day so we didn’t have school. On Wednesday, we had a special new seating order! That means we have no desk that is our own. We just go inside the classroom and take a seat wherever we want, as long as we don’t sit there everyday. 

Today, we did something that was called “Thinking About My Learning”. What you did is that there are a few “attitudes” and you pin your name to the one you think you did this week. This week I chose that I displayed a positive and enthusiastic attitude because I kept being positive and didn’t turn grumpy because I didn’t get what I wanted to do.. etc.  

….aaand that’s pretty much it! 


Atom 9 

P.S. Yes, this post is really short, but we were supposed to base our reflection on the “attitudes” thing.

Weekly Reflection–A FULL WEEK

Hi guys!

This week, we did a lot of activities. It’s the week before Chinese New Year, so we got to wear our Chinese outfits! I wore a pink coat that has Chinese flowers of a sort on them and a red and gold Qipao, which is the traditional Chinese dress for girls/women. On Monday, we gathered at the LLAC for a “presentation” about the Exhibition for Grade 6. You can see a widget about the date of the exhibition in my sidebar. 

On Tuesday, we had the Chinese New Year Flower Fair. It’s not the real thing, it’s just a mini-version of the one we have in Hong Kong. Anyways, I bought a lot of stuff. I bought a plant, that had little furry buds on it, a purple furry pen, a purple notebook, a barrel of purple slime, a picture with my friends and I, some rockstar clips for hanging, a mood ring, and a Octopus holder. Also, we began to write another report for our Sense of Community project. On Tuesday we also cleaned out our desks—->PERMANENTLY! Yes, that means we won’t have our OWN desks. 🙁 I will miss my desk. I have affectionately named it Miss Desky. Just kidding! 🙂

On Wednesday, which is today, we had a double Performing Arts lesson. We watched the movie Brave and it was just so touching at the end I squeezed some tears out of my eyes. Now, usually I don’t cry at touching parts, but it was just so hard to fight them back I released them, like BOOM.  Also in class, today was our first day without desks that belonged to ourselves. It is part of a “Transition Program to Grade 7”. I don’t really know, I just made that up but I think it is a appropriate name. 🙂 

On Thursday, we’re going to have the CNY concert. The Grade 6 students have to dance too, but not on the stage. Wow, the performance would probably be MAGNIFICENT and SPECTACULAR. Even though Ms Sandul told us that the performance on Wednesday went over time! School’s supposed to end at 2:20, but it went up to 2:25! If it was me, I would freak out and be all like: “Oh my god, what if I miss my bus?” The performance would probably be so AWESOME that I would totally forget about missing my bus. 🙂 😉

I’ll update this post after tomorrow so you’ll be able to see my FULL week with a pinch of CNY, a dash of every day, and a tablespoon of HAPPINESS. 

Oh and by the way, that picture is supposed to say bye bye. Well, bye for now.

Atom 9 a.k.a Hearthead

(I’m naming myself Hearthead from now on until Valentine’s Day is over!)