TOK Task #8 – Intro to Natural Sciences

What distinguishes Natural Science from other AOKs? Identify any potential issues or questions that may arise when you consider your definitions.

In my opinion, the fact that Natural Sciences are the first fallback for any statement or claim because of its’ factual property distinguishes the AOK from other AOKs. From Naomi Oreskes’ TED talk on the topic of ‘why we should trust scientists’, a statement regarding the reason the Natural Sciences are our number one fallback when investigating and learning is because of the scientific method, meaning that we were taught that scientists follow a method that guarantees the truth of their claims, meaning that these methods are credible and can be relied on. Natural Sciences are also automatically the number one fallback for support for claims because of the factual quality of the sciences – we believe that science has the power to prove or disprove something because there is substantial evidentiary support, at least to a certain degree, that determines something to be true.

The primary question that would arise towards this definition is how true the idea that the Natural Sciences are all proven with facts is, considering that it can be argued that all scientific theories and discoveries are all opinions that have certain support that align at a certain time. This means that the facts are not substantially true, which can deter its reliability in terms of why the Natural Sciences is a primary fallback for most claims. Another problem about the factuality of the Natural Sciences is that they are inductive rather than deductive, meaning that scientists start with observations, from which they form theories from. This means that what we know, which is derived from scientific knowledge, is all based on their sense perception and how they saw a certain idea. This does not necessarily mean that the theory is true, even if there is evidence that just so happens to support it. This diminishes the factual credibility of the Natural Sciences, which is what humans are heavily reliant on when trying to be more credible with their claims.

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