Design Inter[sections] Final Reflection

生意: Walks of Life from Eloise F on Vimeo.

The film above is my group’s documentary on economic hardships, and with that, it is important to reflect on the completion of the documentary creation process and how the film raised the target audience’s knowledge and understanding of how the theme of economic hardships influenced the central characters.

The film was about economic hardships and how individuals overcame such hardships – the common thread was that they all became successful business owners.The central characters in this documentary were all affected by economic hardships, but the businesses they had were all different – one opened a hardware business, one opened a tailoring business, and one opened a medical business. This was prominently shown through the narration provided in the introduction and the conclusion, along with context that heightened the audience’s perception on economic hardships in Hong Kong.

The interviews conducted provides a personalised opinion and history on how historical and economic hardships have impacted each individual, allowing the audience to understand this concept from a variety of perspectives. Along with the context provided, the audience was able to grasp what the documentary was about and how the past presents the future, and that we will all lead different walks of life. The use of design aspects played into the audience’s understanding of our topic, such as the use of subtitles – the subtitles allowed the audience to understand what the interviewee’s perspectives were with ease, heightening the impact of the film on the viewer.

The design aspects, combined with the multitude of perspectives introduced in this documentary allowed the target audience to gain a deeper understanding of how economic hardships influenced the three central characters.

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