Population Statistics With Gapminder & Correlations • [Geography of Canada]

Category: Economy

Indicator: Exports

Describe one of the correlations or lack of that you discussed with your group.

The correlation between of exports and income per person is that over time, as a country’s exports increase, the income per person also increases. For example, China started at around $1203 in around the 1970s with about 10% of GDP of exports. Then, in 2010, the income per person was around $10,040 with the exports at around 31% of GDP. Even though the changes in income is more drastic than the changes in the percentage of GDP, there is a change.

Suggest reasons for the correlation with some reference as to why it might be strong or weak.

As the amount of exports increase, the economy of the country strengthens because of the money it’s making from selling the exports to other countries’ that require these exports to accompany their citizens’ needs. However, sometimes, the value of money differs in different parts of the world, which leads to different developments and increases in income due to exports.

If there are any anomalies in your data on the graph suggest why this may be the case.

The anomalies in my data on the graph may be because a specific country or city may require more exports to increase the income per person due to economical, geographical, societal reasons (e.g. natural disasters: requires more exports to gain more economical wealth after damage and to increase income).

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