What Is Geography? • [Geography of Canada]

Geography – what exactly is it? First of all, the subject itself, honestly, is pretty vague. It can be linked to many different subjects (it’s interdisciplinary), for example biology, maths, history, business, science etc. and there is certainly more than one way of looking at geography.

After discussing what geography is to each and every one of us, I have come to a conclusion that geography is the study of a horde of various things..

1. The physical features and characteristics of the Earth, for example natural and organic features/phenomenons like mountains, bodies of water (lakes and seas), climates, weather, and unchartered areas.

2. The collective function of people and natural features, for example the impacts on the world based on the One World implications, or S.E.E.P. (Social, Economical, Environmental, Political), which is basically how something affects the world socially, economically, politically, environmentally, morally, or ethically. Also, relating back to the One World implications, it’s how they act during the study of (human) geography, for example how climate change can affect the Earth environmentally by the migration of humans and animals as a result of their habitat or home deteriorating.

3. The discovery of patterns and how they are observed or studied, for example settlement patterns and how the distribution of humans and culture affects patterns geographically, for example Buddhism being more common in Asia than other places in the world.

4. The study of geography allows us to organise and research many different kinds of aspects of geography and provides knowledge to others about our world and everything around us (geographically).

However, even after the discussion, I still have a few questions.

1. What are the different types of geography?

2. Why is geography so crucial in our lives? Why do we need to know about it?

3. Why do we need to know the history of the geography of the world if what’s happened in the past, well, happened?

4. According to the discussion today, geography pretty much seems to impacts everything, from material things to natural features of the world or phenomenons. Does it impact everything, if not, almost everything?

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