Criterion C & D – 16 Bar Melody Summative (Cinderella’s Dance)

Cinderella's Dance - Natalie K 8B ©

Criterion C – Thinking Creatively

I’m just going to start out by saying that this was not an easy task for me to compose this melody, it took a lot of time and I made several decisions that impacted the outcome of the entire melody which I deleted and started over again. I wanted to create a generally happier, more upbeat feel so I left the key signature in major and used generally higher notes to create something that you could dance to at an elegant ball or something of the sort, hence the title ‘Cinderella’s Dance’. I experimented with different instruments to see which sounded the most elegant and ‘floaty’ but each one I chose either sounded too light or too loud and heavy, so I stuck with piano because it was a mixture of both: just in the middle. I made the tempo 140 because I thought that 120 was too slow and would sound a bit like a dragging, upbeat melody, which wasn’t what I wanted. I also tried using 160, but that was too fast and it took away the ‘dance’ feel from the entire song, which was what I was aiming for and think I achieved. I kept the time signature at 4/4 because I think that it was the most appropriate time for the melody to go. I attempted to change it around but I think that the bar had too many notes or too little, so I settled for the original 4/4 time signature.

Criterion D – Responding

After about a day or two of attempting to create a melody that sounded nice and ticked off all the boxes in my mental checklist for this composition, I’m happy to say that I’m quite proud of my melody. It came out the way I wanted to, and I reckon that if it were maybe softer and slower and generally ‘floatier’, it would be something Cinderella could dance to. However, I think that there are some parts that weren’t totally perfect, like the harmonisations, because some sounded off but after a few listens, they started sounding okay, so I was unsure of whether I should’ve changed them or not. I think that my strengths with composing melodies is that I know exactly what I want something to sound like or a theme I’m aiming for and I don’t compose randomly, I usually have a whole plan. I’m also usually easily inspired, in this case, I started thinking about the Cinderella theme right after I saw the trailer, and I thought it would be interesting if I could compose a piece that sounded a bit like something you would hear in the movie. However, a weakness that I possess is that sometimes I dream too big, and when I can’t exactly execute my plan, I get frustrated and lose patience because it doesn’t sound the way I want it to, so that’s something I need to work on if I were to do this again. Also, if I can’t get something to cooperate with what I’m trying to do, I tend to feel like I want to give up, an example being when I was trying to add the chord progressions to my melody. I kept on forgetting that the chord progressions were in the bass clef, so I labeled all of them incorrectly and mixed up the different Roman numerals with each other. However, I fixed my mistakes and eventually learned how to label them properly and correctly with practice. When I first started composing this melody, I was extremely annoyed over the fact that it didn’t sound the way I wanted to, and that it sounded more like a children’s song than a dance. Then, I started to experiment with rests and different note values and eventually, I came to the final draft of my composition.


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