Learner Profile Trait #2 – Caring

A caring individual is one who is empathetic and respectful towards others, and is committed to making a positive difference in their community. The first piece of evidence is my First Aid Certificate which I obtained after successfully completing a 30 hour course and examination. My achievement of this certificate shows my dedication to being able to assist people around me in times of need. Secondly, in previous CAS Week Trips, I’ve been to various places, participating in community service activities. In 2015, I went to Laos and helped build a classroom for Pak Xeng High School. The school originally had extremely limited classroom spaces and classes were overly crowded. By building new teaching spaces for the students, they will be able to gain better education, improving their future and breaking the cycle of poverty. This is one example of how I am dedicated to making a positive difference around the world, demonstrating my caring personality.

Evidence #1: First Aid Certificate

Evidence #2: Helping to build a classroom for students in Laos