Learner Profile Trait #4 – Knowledgeable

Through my years in the MYP, I have acquired in-depth knowledge on a range of subjects. My consistent achievement of the Principal’s Award – which is the highest academic award offered – throughout these years demonstrates my regular academic success thorough understanding of all my subjects, including languages, humanities, and sciences (Evidence #1). Furthermore, my interest in math has driven me to participate in math competitions. I have achieved distinction in two Waterloo math contests (Gauss and Pascal), ranking in the top 25% of all participants, demonstrating my knowledge in the field of mathematics (Evidence #2). Not only am I knowledgeable in academic areas, but I also have a strong understanding of music, as evidenced by my achievement of distinction in the grade 5 theory exam, which is the highest level achievable. This shows my deep understanding of the various concepts and principles of music, improving my performance and composition skills (Evidence #3).

Evidence #1: Principal’s Award achieved in Grade 9

G9 Principal's Award

Evidence #2: Certificate of Distinction for Waterloo Math Contests

Waterloo Gauss ContestWaterloo Pascal Contest

Evidence #3: