Learner Profile Trait #3 – Communicator

A communicator is able to express their ideas through various languages and means, which is something I am able to do. Despite attending an English speaking school for my whole life, I am also able to communicate with others in French and Chinese. In grade 7, I won the subject award for French, which is only given to one student in the grade who demonstrated excellence in the subject. I’ve also participated in a Beijing Immersion Trip which helped develop my Chinese language skills. This shows how I am able to express my ideas well in more than one language. Furthermore, I am also to express my ideas through creativity. Evidence 3 is one artwork out of a series of four that I created. Through the visual images I came up with in the artworks, I raised awareness on mental health, and conveyed information about anorexia in the specific one shown below.

Evidence #1: French Subject Award

French Subject Award

Evidence #2: Beijing Language Immersion Trip

Beijing Immersion Trip copy

Evidence #3: Paper cutting artwork communicating information about anorexia