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Our Third Unit: Where We Are in Place and Time

“Different interpretations of the past can be discovered by investigating historical events.”

This week we finished our third unit  – Where We Are in Place and Time – on the different perspectives of history. We learned and researched about many different perspectives. During this unit I learned many things.

I realized that history can be looked at in many different ways and that it is more than just facts. I mostly learned about 9/11 because my group chose that topic for the Let’s Make It Happen Celebration. During the Let’s Make It Happen Celebration, I watched other people’s performance to learn about their historical event. I also learned about the different sources that show history, like cemeteries or museums.

I liked this unit because I realized how it can be looked at and learned about other historical events in a fun and interesting way. I also like this unit because I learned how to use Garageband better and how to use my research skills better. It was also fun because I got even more familiar with working in groups with other classmates.

For our summative assessment, we had to prepare for the Let’s Make It Happen Celebration and create a small presentation about our knowledge, skills and understanding of this unit. I presented it as a mind map. For writing, we had to write historical fiction based on our research, so I wrote about 9/11.

Below is the mind map I created:

Let’s Make It Happen Celebration Reflection

These past weeks, our grade has been researching and performing about a historical events. We started the whole process with the central ideaDifferent interpretations of the past can be discovered by investigating historical events.’ We then broke it down and got into groups to choose a historical event to focus on for the unit. My group – Alpha-Adventurer 9, Alpha-Adventurer 22 and me – decided to research about September 11.

Through many weeks of researching about the event and perspective, we were finally able to prepare, rehearse and perform the skit. When researching, I was scared that we weren’t going to be able to finish it. My group’s performance was a slideshow

showing different pictures and us taking turns to say the different perspectives of different people. Alpha-Adventurer 9 was in charge of the script, Alpha-Adventurer 22 was in charge of the slideshow and I was in charge of the music.

Alpha-Adventurer 9 said the perspectives of the rescuers; Alpha-Adventurer 22 said the perspectives of the New York Citizens and I said the perspectives of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. The perspective of the rescuers is that they didn’t feel like heroes because everyone was helping everyone, so everyone should be a hero. The perspective of the New York Citizens is that they lost their families and friends and they are really sad. The largely unanswered still remains unanswered to them: ‘Why would they do this to us?‘ Finally, the perspective of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden is: they think they have right and freedom to do this because we also have right and freedom. They do not think it is wrong and do not feel guilty about doing this act because America has been attacking them for many years.

On January 5th, when grade 5 had their performance, I felt nervous while watching other people’s skit, but when it was my turn, I felt even more scared. Alpha-Adventurer 22 spoke first, then Alpha-Adventurer 9, and then me. When I spoke, I was worried and excited because I didn’t know if I would forget my lines or mess up. I was excited because I could show the audience my group’s hard work. When my group finished, I felt excited because I finished the performance and did well. I think the whole performance went really well, but I tipped the box a little when I was walking down. After everyone’s performance, the whole grade went on stage and sang ‘A Different Point of View’. My family felt happy about it and liked it a lot.

During the whole process, I learned that when working in groups, it will be a waste of time if the whole group does the same job, so in my group, we all did different things, and we ended up being able to finish things faster. I also learnt more about September 11, and realized all the different perspectives it had. While watching other people’s performance, I learnt more about their event and the perspectives, too. For example: SARS, The Vietnam War, Korean War, Battle of Britian, The Berlin Wall, etc. Now I know how to find good sources when researching and I know how to do public speaking better. I understand the central idea more and know how history can be looked at in different ways.

I enjoyed this performance and it’s whole process a lot because I learnt a lot from it and realized how to work in groups more effectively. January 5th was also the day that I learnt the most about historical event.

Let’s Make It Happen Preparation

During this unit, we learnt about the different perspectives on history. One of our tasks, was to prepare for the Let’s Make It Happen Celebration. We had to research about a historical event in groups, find out about the event, and the different perspectives. My group (Alpha-Adventurer 9, Alpha-Adventurer 22 and me) chose to research about September 11. For a few weeks, we were researching and collecting information. Then, we had to create a 2 minute performance, showing the thoughts. My group decided to have a slideshow showing different pictures, while we took turns saying the perspectives of different people – Alpha-Adventurer 9 said the perspectives of the rescuers, Alpha-Adventurer 22 said the perspectives of the New York Citizens, and I said the perspectives of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

These two days, each class had 1 hour rehearsing in the auditorium. Each time, we got feedback and tried to put it into use. Tomorrow, there will be 1 rehearsal, 1 dress rehearsal and the performance at night. After everyone performs there skit, grade 5 will sing a song called A Different Point of View. I hope the performance will be great since everyone has been working really hard on it!

Dig Day

This week, Grade 5 had an event called Dig Day, which is where you dig up someone else’s artifact at the beach. A few weeks ago, everyone researched and made an artifact. I made a Lotiform Cup, which is from Ancient Egypt. Later on, we painted it and then the teachers broke them to bury in the beach for us to find. Yesterday, we went down to the beach to dig each other’s up. My group dug up 5 artifacts and I chose to keep a spiral shaped artifact.

I think it was used in Ancient Rome or Greece because of the colours – gold and black. It might have been a tower for decoration because it was tall and there were some carvings on it that probably meant something back then.

I enjoyed Dig Day because it was fun and we got to dig up and predict other people’s artifacts.