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ART: 2 Pieces of Artwork

2 Unlike Things As One

For this art piece, I chose to combine a clock and a hand. I used color pencil and then used a marker to add the words on the side. I chose to combine a clock and a hand because it seemed interesting to take the name of the “second hand” and change it into an actual second hand, because as you can see, on the clock, there is one hand grabbing on to another hand, so it’s like the second hand. I chose to have a finger pointing out on the bottom because it showed that you were the one in charge of your time. I found it quite difficult to make it look like the finger was pointing out though, as I was drawing from the front perspective.

Tape Sculpture

For this art piece, I used mainly masking tape to form the form of the person, and used some plastic and wire for the base. Then, I painted it over with a coat of white glue first before choosing to paint it abstract and using a light green and dark green. Lastly, I coated it with white glue again. If I were to do this again, I would make sure I waited for the paint to completely dry first before putting on my last layer of white glue as some of the paint spread due to the wet paint. In the middle of forming the human form, I found out that the arms weren’t in proportion and that I had to make them longer. Luckily, I was able to at tape and fix the length.


Overall, I think I did pretty well throughout this art term. I was able to try some new types of art and improve on others. For example, I got to try sculpting with masking tape, something I had never done before, and was able to improve my sketching skills. I could improve on getting more feedback and managing my time better so I wouldn’t have to rush so much of the assignment at the end.