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DES: Evaluation of Movie and Personal Performance

I think my movie met most of the project specifications because most of the people who did gave feedback was able to pick up what the cultural significance of the Pok Fu Lam village was. Also, we had good information about the history of the site and different types of elements. If I could improve my movie, I would slow down the credits a bit more so the audience can get an idea of what kind of sources I used. Also, we could have been more prepared for our narration, such as, talking slower and being more fluent with it.

I like how I was able to get everything done on time, such as, upload the footage, add subtitles, etc. and fit it between 3-5 minutes. I wish I could have paid more attention to the quality of the narration and been more picky about it. I could have suggested that we refilm some parts to make it more fluent. What if I was more careful about cutting off the clips at the right time because with the on screen narration, the clips would be cut off too soon sometimes, not letting the audience fully understand the information.

My group’s documentary:

7C Pok Fu Lam Village – Laurence, Nicole C, Philip from Nicole C on Vimeo.