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SCI: Create a Bird Project


Common Name: Pecking runner
Scientific Name: Melanerpes currens
Habitat: Sonoran Desert

In this project, we had to choose a biome and create our own bird with structural and behavioral adaptations that fit the specific environment we chose. We also had to choose one adaptation and explain how it was acquired through the process of natural selection.

Something I did well in this project was explaining the structural and behavorial adaptations and how they give the bird an advantage in the environment it lives in. I made sure all the adaptations would help the bird so it could survive longer and be able to stay safer from its predators. I was also able to say where its habitat was clearly by mentioning the places it covered.

I could improve on my description of how one of the adaptations were acquired through natural selection by adding a little more detail instead of going through the four steps quickly. For my description of the habitat, I could have added more description about other months instead of just July-September. Lastly, I could have used more scientific vocabulary.

At the beginning of this project, I had originally chosen to use the chaparral as my biome, but after doing a bit of research on that biome, I realized that it was a little hard to find good reliable information about that place. Therefore, I decided to change my biome to a desert as it was more common but still kind of different. I found it easier to research on a stuck with it.

SCI: Unit 1 Reflection

I used to think the Scientific Process was just writing down the hypothesis, materials, method, and recording down a few things about the experiment. For example, I would just write down what I think would happen, what I need and a brief explanation of what I was going to do. I also used to think that you didn’t need to do that many trials to see the reliability of the experiments. But now I know that you have to write a scientific question, a hypothesis with the “If…then….because” format, have a detailed method, a data table and graph with a conclusion and evaluation. Now, I also know that when doing an experiment, it is important to record down qualitative and quantitative observations to be able to know what went well and what didn’t go well. After this unit, I have a much clearer understanding of the scientific process and how to complete it thoroughly.