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PE: Unit 1 – Parkour Crit D Reflection

In my Parkour routine, my movements were all able to go well together, making my routine flow. I chose obstacles and ordered them in a way that I could easily get from one to another, and the movements wouldn’t be too hard to link. For example, it was easy to finish the roll on the bar and just run to the handspring machine and do a cat pass on it. Also, the landings of my jumps were all pretty stable – I didn’t have any landings where I completed lost my balance. I was able to stick my landings and move on to the next movement. Lastly, none of my moves were repeated, even though they were all mostly different types of jumps and rolls.

I didn’t do so well in including force in my routine because all my movements were quick and none of them were slow and gentle. The only movements in my routine were rolls and jumps, so it wasn’t possible to do any of those slowly. I should have included some movements including balance in my routine so the amount of force put into my movements would be varied. Also, my jumps and vaults weren’t too high. For example, the jump on to the vault at the end of my routine was only high enough for me to get onto the obstacle. If I jumped higher, then I could have improved my jumps, such as my tuck jump. The shape of that jump wasn’t very clear – I could have improved my technique on that jump more by jumping higher so I would have more time to tuck in my legs. Lastly, Most of my movements are ways of going over the obstacle, and only one of them goes under the object. By having more levels, I would also have had a more effective use of space.

I didn’t do the routine as planned because while I was practicing I realized that some of the moves didn’t fit together well, such as the tuck jump and pike jump on the blue mat. I ended up just doing the tuck jump because it was hard to do them in a row.

I think I achieved a level 5 because I do demonstrate and apply parkour skills and techniques. However, I am only able to demonstrate some use of space, time, level, force and flow. I think I demonstrated flow well, but didn’t do so well in demonstrating force. Also, I wasn’t that successful with performing the skills we learnt, such as, the different vaults. I did perform a cat pass, something that we learnt in this unit though.

PE: My Reflection Journal

Over the year in PE, I’ve been writing reflections for each unit in my reflection journal on Moodle. Below is the reflection journal I’ve been working on. The oldest posts are at the bottom and the newest are at the top, excluding my goals.


Net Court Games Unit Goals:

1. To improve/learn more badminton skills that would help in making the opponent move (high serve, smashing, etc.)

2. To learn how to play mini tennis and be able to know the basic skills for a proper game.

PE Goals:

1. To learn new skills every unit and apply them every time I play that sport instead of forgetting about it while playing sometimes.

Year Reflection

This year, I did well enough for me in Criteria A, B and D, but I think I could have done better in Criterion C, which is performance. To improve on Criterion C, I should practice and apply my skills more when playing the sport.

For Grade 8 next year, I want to set 3 goals to work towards and improve my skills. Firstly, I want to continue applying the skills I learnt this year from Invasion Games, Striking and Fielding Games, etc. Secondly, I want to improve my leadership skills while playing team sports. Lastly, I would like to be able to do better on movement composition since I know there’ll be more assessments on it next year.

Thursday, 22nd May, 2014 – Striking and Fielding Games

I think I did best on telling people to spread out to different places when fielding because when I noticed an area with less people in it, I would try to tell the people around me to fill in that space so there would be a fielder at all places, infield or outfield. Also, I encourage people and tell them to shorten their grip on the bat when I see them having trouble hitting the ball, something I have trouble with, too.

I think I achieved a level 6/7 in Crit D this unit because I do encourage and support others, but I feel like sometimes I don’t show too much enthusiasm or commitment when taking part in this activity. Also, I do communicate with my team members about where to stand, but not so much for where or who to throw the ball to. I did reflect on my achievements, including my communication and performance skills, such as, batting, catching, etc.

I need to improve on some areas of communication with my teammates, such as talking to them about where the ball should go after one of the fielders caught it, or where the ball should be hit to create the most time for the people on bases. I also need to improve on my performance skills, such as batting. I have trouble being able to hit the ball with accuracy and strength, but I have learnt that shortening my grip on the bat would help improve. Also, when catching, I sometimes miss because I’m not ready or I’m not in the right place, causing me to have to move more when the ball comes.

Tuesday, 20th May, 2014 – Net Court Games

In this unit, I think I did best on being able to understand the rules. For example, I know that in badminton, you have to serve behind the service line and to the diagonal side behind the service line, within the side lines and boundary lines. In singles, the inner side line and back boundary line is used, while in doubles, the outer side line and back boundary line is used.

I achieved a level 8 for Crit A, and I think that’s because I understand almost all of the techniques, skills, rules, etc. but I don’t always know how to apply it to a game. I know what positions you need for shots, such as, loading your back foot. I also know what the ready position is for badminton or tennis, and can identify which shots are the best for different situations. By knowing where the empty space in the court is, I am able to choose a shot that would take the player the most time to return.

I achieved a level 5 for Crit C in this unit, and I think that’s because my shots aren’t always that successful, and sometimes I make the wrong decisions. For example, sometimes when there’s space at the front of the court, I ended up using a shot that hit the shuttle to the back of the court. However, sometimes I would realize I needed to hit it to the front and would use a drop shot. I also think I achieved a level 5 because I don’t always remember to return to home base after hitting a shot, causing me to have to move more if the shuttle was hit to the other side of the court.

I need to improve on the accuracy of my shots, especially shots from the back of the court, such as, clears. Sometimes I’m not in the right position for performing that shot, so I need to make sure that every time I perform a shot, I need to think about what kind of position to get in. Being in the right position for a shot would improve the accuracy and a more successful shot would be played.

I did mostly achieve the goals I set for this unit. Firstly, I did learn more badminton skills, such as, drop shots, clears, net shot, etc. and the ready position for them. However, I still can work on this goal because there are shots I still can’t perform, like a smash. Secondly, I did learn the basic skills and rules of playing short tennis, and I find it really different and challenging compared to badminton because of the different kinds of power you need. I can also continue to work on this goal, though, because I’m still not able to properly play a game.

Monday, 25th February, 2014 – Aquatics

During this swimming unit, I tried to enhance my relationship with others by demonstrating a positive attitude. I was supportive of everyone no matter what kind of swimmer they were and tried my best to help them even though I wasn’t the best swimmer. For example, two of my friends didn’t feel comfortable doing a tumble turn so I told them that maybe if they tucked in a little more or breathed out instead of breathing in they would be able to do it better. I also enhanced my relationship with others by respecting their weaknesses and strengths.

If someone was to watch the lessons, he/she may notice that I always bring my swimming gear on days we have to swim and don’t miss any lessons. Something else that person may notice is that I ask the swimming teachers about something if I don’t understand it. For example, when learning butterfly, I realized that even though I was kicking, I didn’t seem to be moving anywhere. I asked the coach and he told me that I should move my whole body when I kicked, and it helped me to move a little faster each time. The third thing an observer might notice is that I try my best in order for my speed and skills to improve. Even when I’m tired, I still try to swim as best as I can. I also go to class with a positive attitude, not thinking that swimming is tiring, it’s too cold to swim, etc. Lastly, someone may see that I am always on time and don’t arrive to class late.

Some achievements I am particularly proud of from this unit would be that I learnt how to turn while swimming using a tumble turn and learning the breaststroke start. I’m proud of being able to turn using a tumblr turn because before this unit, I only knew how to do a tumble turn and not how to use it in competitive swimming. Now that I’ve learnt the proper technique for using it to turn while swimming lanes, I find it to be a lot faster than touching and turning. However, sometimes I still mess it up so I could still do some practice on that. I am also proud of knowing how to do a proper start in breaststroke because now that I know it, I find that it helps with speed a lot. Also, before this unit, I had never thought about proper starts for different swimming strokes.

My first goal for swimming would be to learn how to dive properly because without knowing how to dive properly, it is quite difficult to get a good start in a race. I could achieve this goal by looking up videos or information on the internet on how to dive properly, and then practice it over and over again until I finally know how to do it. My second goal would be to learn the butterfly stroke and improve my speed on other strokes. I would learn the butterfly stroke by searching up the proper technique first. Then, I would just keep practicing and practicing, just like with my other strokes. With speed, I think practice would be the best way to improve after getting all the techniques correct.

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013 – Invasion Games

I think I did best on making sure I was marking someone when I was on defence because most of the time I would be trying to block someone so they couldn’t pass/receive. I was able to do this well by discussing with my team about who we’d each mark before the game started. Then, I would be sure of one person that I had to make sure to keep marking throughout the game.

For Criterion C, I think I achieved a level 5 because sometimes I’d be able to catch and receive from long and short distances most of the time, but don’t make the right choices about where to go sometimes. Also, I don’t communicate a lot in offence and defence. I do try to mark the other players most of the time, though, and I would remind my teammates to discuss who we were each marking. Sometimes I would be able to get away from my defender by using the in out principle, which is running in or out to the open space and then running back to receive the pass.

I need to improve on being able to create space because space equals time, and if I don’t always create space then my teammates won’t have enough time to make the right decisions of where to pass. I do understand that to create space it is best to create a triangle to give the person with the ball two options, but sometimes I forget or stand at the wrong place.

Thursday, 10th October, 2013 – Parkour

I think I did the best on creating different types of movements to make my own from one side to the other. I was able to do this well by working with other people to come up with various movements, and then choosing the ones that would work the best for me to practice with.

For Criterion B, I think I achieved a level 4, because I was able to include some different movements and had a beginning and end. However, I could have held my ending pose for a longer time. I think I could have made my movements more creative, even though they did show a simple use of time, level force and flow. I showed flow by not having many long pauses in between my movements.

For Criterion C, I think I achieved a level 6 because I don’t think all my movements were performed with energy all the time, and I only showed competence in the basic movements and some complex movements. I think the biggest thing I could improve on for this criterion would be performing my movements with more energy.

I need to improve on becoming more familiar with my movements as we didn’t have much practice time. By becoming more familiar with my movements, I could have better flow. Other than practicing more, I could make sure I know how to do it properly so I wouldn’t mess up.