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WP: Friend or Follow?

Writing Prompt – Week of Mar. 25 – 29

I would rather friend a stranger than follow a stranger because if I friended a stranger, then we would both be happy with the relationship we had with each other. If I kept following a stranger, the stranger might not like it. Also, you may feel bad about yourself for following someone that: 1) you don’t know, 2) hasn’t said you could follow them, 3) you haven’t told about you following them. If I was to become friends with a stranger, we wouldn’t be hiding anything from each other. Also, our friendship may benefit both of us in the future. If you were to follow a stranger, you wouldn’t know them too well, so you wouldn’t know if they would end up leading you into trouble even if they didn’t know you.

BOL: Cursive Handwriting #2

Bucket O’ Learning – Week of  Mar. 18 – 22

This week, I decided to practice my cursive handwriting again since I haven’t written cursive in a long time. If I don’t practice for a long time, I may forget how to write some things and it won’t be as easy to read and write, so I think it is important for me to practice my cursive once in a while. Just like last time, I chose a paragraph of one of my recent blog posts to copy and write in cursive. I don’t think I improved that much, but I also didn’t get worse by that much. Here is what I did:

WP: Relationship Expiration Dates – Describe

Writing Prompt #5 – Week of Mar. 18 – 22


  • You get to meet new people and don’t have to be with the same person for a long time
  • You would cherish the time you have together more
  • The time spent together would be even more valuable
  • You wouldn’t waste your time – it would be used wisely
  • You would try your best to make the time spent together the best


  • You have limited time to spend with each other
  • You wouldn’t be able to spend anymore time with that person after the expiration date
  • There won’t be someone that you can spend “forever” with
  • You can’t be trusting the same person all the time
  • You will be forced to end the relationship
  • You can’t have a set group of friends
  • You and your family would soon not be able to have a relationship

WP: Allergic Reactions – Vegetables or Friendship?

Writing Prompt #4 – Week of Mar. 11 – 15

I think it would be more devastating to humanity if everyone developed an allergic reaction to vegetables because if so, farmers wouldn’t be able to earn any money. Also, if people can’t eat vegetables, then we would all be eating meat, which is not good for the environment or the animals. By eating meat instead of vegetables, you are taking away the many lives of farmers since they can’t earn a living, and the lives of animals because you would be eating them even more. Also, you wouldn’t have a balanced diet so you wouldn’t be as healthy, which can cause you diseases. If everyone developed an allergic reaction to friendship, they would still be able to talk to others and be happy, so that wouldn’t be as bad as not being able to live. Also, by developing an allergic reaction to vegetables rather than friendship, you are making people care even more about each other.

The allergic reaction that would most improve the planet could be war. War takes away people’s lives, and no one enjoys it. Also, people may get along better. You may still have arguments and sadness, but without those, you wouldn’t be able to experience happiness, too, because you wouldn’t know how it feels to not be happy and enjoying things.

BOL: Typing Skills #2

Bucket O’ Learning – Week of Feb. 4 – 8

For BOL this week, I have chosen to practise my typing skills again since the last time I tested and practised was on the week of Dec. 10 – 14. This time, I went on Sense-lang again but played a different game, called Type For Your Life. I think this game helps with my typing because as the levels increase, you have less time to type the word which pressures you to type even faster. Although the length of the words vary, they don’t change in different levels. I think this would still be helpful because you have to type the same word at a faster pace. If you don’t type the word correctly, you get even less time and if you don’t finish typing it then you lose one of your three lives. Therefore, the three lives you get and the speed you have motivate you to do your best and type fast. In the end, you would type faster because throughout the game you would be trained to type faster. Here are screenshots of the game:

After finishing the game, I did the test again. I realized that I had increased my speed but have gotten more characters wrong. Here are my results for a 40 sec test:

WPM: 81
Correct: 271 characters
Wrong: 6 characters
Success Rate: 98%

“The Flying Machine” and the Impact of Technology

I feel that technology is useful, because it reduces human effort, and also the time it takes to do some things to a much shorter time. I think that technology could be dangerous, because of cyber-bullying and cyber-attacks. Cyber bullying is when people bully each other through internet  or apps. That could make the victims sad and hurt, and even lead to life and death situations. Cyber attack is when people who knows technology a lot, uses complicated programs or systems to attack someone else’s computer, which gives them control over the computer.
According to Wikipedia, technology is a machine or equipment made with scientific knowledge.
Technology impacts our lives by making it easier. For example, in earlier forms of technology, we had to write letters, post the mail, then it takes a long time for the recipient to receive it. In present days, with computers, we can just click a button and it sends in a few seconds through email, which has a positive impact. On the other hand, nowadays people don’t go out as much to play, walk around, get exercise…as much since we just sit at home with technology. We think this has impacted our life negatively. In conclusion, technology has impacted our lives positively and negatively, and it depends on how responsibly we are when using technology use it. Also, it depends on people’s perspectives.

This relates to the story “The Flying Machine” because in the story the man uses technology to positively impact himself, but it negatively impacts the emperor. It positively impacted the man because he liked flying so the flying machine made him happy and changed his life, especially since no one else could fly. He made a flying machine that could make people fly, and the emperor didn’t like it because his enemies could copy his design, and use it against him, maybe even adding more gadgets to it to make it evil.

~By Ellie & Nicole

BOL: Cursive Handwriting

Bucket O’ Learning – Week of Jan. 21 – 25

For Bucket O’ Learning this week, I decided to practise my cursive handwriting. I don’t usually write cursive, and I haven’t practised my cursive handwriting for a long time, so I wasn’t as familiar with it as before. I think knowing how to write and read cursive is important, because sometimes you may have to write cursive, and if you can’t read cursive but someone writes in cursive, you wouldn’t be able to know what they are writing. To practise my cursive, I chose a paragraph from my previous blog post (“Dear Diary,“) and wrote it out in cursive. I realized that I needed more practise on my upper case letters because while I was writing it, I had to look up how to write ‘K’, ‘F’ & ‘Y’ in cursive.

This is what I wrote:

“The Three Questions” Word Definition

For my prior knowledge post on “The Three Questions”, I chose 4 words that I didn’t know the definition of. Later on, I searched up the definition (on and this is what I found:

1. Diverse: unlike; being different

2. Parable: a moral lesson

3. Reconcile: to cause someone to accept something they don’t like

4. Hermit: a person that lives alone for a religious purpose

Dear Diary,

Written in the perspective of  the wounded man from the story “The Three Questions” by Leo Tolstoy

Dear Diary,

There’s one person I want to kill. And that is the King, but everything changed with just one event. This is what happened:

I hated the King because he executed my brother and seized his property. So that’s why I decided that because he was going to talk to the hermit about some three questions that he had, I would hide and kill him on his way back from the hermit’s place. So I hid and waited and hid and waited for the whole day, but unfortunately, he didn’t come. I came out of my “hiding place” to look for him. But that King’s bodyguards. They found me and apparently recognized me so they hurt me badly on my stomach. It was painful, it was torture, but I couldn’t stay there and let them continue wounding me, so I ran away. Well, I tried my best to run away. Thankfully, the King and the hermit was there, and they decided to save and help me. They washed my wound, bandaged it and let me rest in the hut. The King even sent his servants to help me recover later on.

When I woke up the next morning, the King had a somewhat clueless look on his face. I felt guilty for what I was about to do yesterday. Would the King forgive me? Or would he hate me even more? Fortunately, the King forgave me. Thanks to his bodyguards, I wouldn’t have to stay enemies with the King. Yes, it was painful going through yesterday’s events, but in the end it was all worth it.

So, I must have learnt something from all that. I shouldn’t judge people just by some things that they did. There’s probably a good and a bad side in everyone, and it’s not fair if I judge one person just by their dark side. The King learnt something too. I taught the King to be able to forgive people (such as me) easily.