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ENG: Has Hong Kong Limited You or Expanded You?

In my opinion, Hong Kong has definitely expanded me because although it isn’t a very big city, it is still very international. Growing up in such an international city, I’ve been constantly exposed to many different languages and cultures and gotten to know not only Chinese culture but also western culture. For example, in Hong Kong I am able to celebrate both Christmas and Chinese New Year “with” the city. Cities that don’t have both Chinese and western influence aren’t able to celebrate two holidays specific to their culture. By growing up with both cultures, I have also expanded my knowledge on the characteristics of each culture. Although this can be learned without growing up with it, I feel like experiencing the actual tradition or holiday lets you have a much better understanding of the history, what you do and the actual spirit of it. Sometimes, just by reading or watching something happen won’t let you fully understand the situation.

Hong Kong has also expanded me because of how there are so many people from all sorts of countries living in Hong Kong. I am able to interact and meet people from not only Hong Kong but from other countries too, no matter how far away. By being able to interact with people with different ethical backgrounds, I am able to come closer with different cultural backgrounds and languages not usually spoken or heard in Hong Kong.

Overall, Hong Kong has certainly expanded me by allowing me to experience and come closer with more cultures (traditions, holidays, etc.) and languages other than Chinese and English.

ENG: Highlight of the Year

This year in English class, my favorite thing was creating our own companies in Our World because we were able to expand it in many ways, such as, the company launch, marketing campaign, making the world a better place, etc. Also, I think the presentations were a helpful way to improve my skills. Being a banker, it was also a good way to test my organization and time management skills because there was a time limit to finish each transaction.

Below is my company logo, created with Sarah & Ellie:


ENG: Short Story Writing Reflection

I enjoyed writing this short story because throughout the process, I learnt about what makes a good story, things that would improve it, etc. For example, before this assignment, I didn’t think about giving my characters idiosyncrasies. I also liked this because it was a fun way for me to come up with an idea, put it in a story and get peer feedback. I think the peer feedback activity was really helpful because it allowed me to get my audience (people my age) to read my story and give feedback on what they thought I did well and what I could improve on.

To improve, I think I could have made my plot more interesting because it was quite typical and wasn’t that original or imaginative. I tried seeing what would happen if I changed the setting, but I realized that my problem revolved around school life a lot, so by changing my setting, I would have to change my whole plot. Also, I couldn’t think of any other place that bullying would be that common. I also think I could have made it more interesting by making the climax more intense and obvious. The climax is supposed to be the most interesting part of my story, and I feel like it wasn’t that shocking to the audience.




DES: Judge a Book by its Cover: Autobiography Book Jacket

Autobiography Book Jacket

If I could do this day over again, I would manage my time better because for the airplane folding activity I could have added more drawings to relate to my book. For my book jacket, I could have made it less plain because there isn’t much on my cover, spine or back cover. Something else I would do again would be to use the skills I learnt more because I mainly just used plain colors and textboxes. However, I did use photoshop for my photo and to get the drawing of the balloon my drawing on a new layer on top of the original picture.

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DES: Judge a Book by its Cover

What questions and feelings do you have as you begin this English & Design project?

Some questions I have about this English & Design project as I begin this are “What is the purpose of this Design project?” I’m also wondering about what the specific stages are for this design project. I know there’s inquiring and analysing, developing ideas, creating the solution and evaluation, but I’m not sure about how we will be able to use this in our project.

I think I my technology skills will improve throughout this Design project because I will be using technology a lot throughout this project. For our first session today, we made a paper airplane and had to relate it to our book. I think we could have managed our time better to improve on the decorations. So far, we only have four simple drawings that are mentioned a lot in the book. We could have improved it by adding more drawings and more color. Through this Design project, I will have to be able to manage my time better, so I hope I can improve on that.