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DES: Evaluation of Movie and Personal Performance

I think my movie met most of the project specifications because most of the people who did gave feedback was able to pick up what the cultural significance of the Pok Fu Lam village was. Also, we had good information about the history of the site and different types of elements. If I could improve my movie, I would slow down the credits a bit more so the audience can get an idea of what kind of sources I used. Also, we could have been more prepared for our narration, such as, talking slower and being more fluent with it.

I like how I was able to get everything done on time, such as, upload the footage, add subtitles, etc. and fit it between 3-5 minutes. I wish I could have paid more attention to the quality of the narration and been more picky about it. I could have suggested that we refilm some parts to make it more fluent. What if I was more careful about cutting off the clips at the right time because with the on screen narration, the clips would be cut off too soon sometimes, not letting the audience fully understand the information.

My group’s documentary:

7C Pok Fu Lam Village – Laurence, Nicole C, Philip from Nicole C on Vimeo.

DES: Documentary Evaluation

Recently for Design, we had to create a documentary on a Hong Kong Heritage Site, which promotes the cultural significance of the site. Below is the documentary we created:

7C Pok Fu Lam Village – Laurence, Nicole C, Philip from Nicole C on Vimeo.

After watching the documentary, please complete the survey below to give us feedback. Thank you!:

DES: Design Day CDNIS Documentary – Alan Dick Forum

CDNIS Alan Dick Forum from Nicole Chau on Vimeo.

I think this is a good movie because we paid attention to the lighting and sound quality and made sure we could see the video/pictures and hear the narration clearly. I also think this is a good movie because we created a script before recording our narrations. This let us be able to record without having to waste time thinking of what to say. My group didn’t leave everything to the last minute as we worked on it for a while at lunch, so afterwards we only had to fix up a few things, export and upload. Lastly, we shot more than what we needed so if something didn’t work we would have a backup to use. However, we couldn’t use a tripod because we ended up using a phone to film, which caused some parts to not e that stable.

A personal strength that will serve me well in this unit is my editing skills. I can put together different video clips, add text and transitions to make it go by smoother. I think this will help because after we finish all the filming, we need to find out how to put it together and add voice overs (if needed) so there is an interesting story and it is smooth.

A personal challenge I will have in this unit is is my time management because sometimes I spend too much time on one part and too little time on another part. I have to learn to prioritize my work so I end up spending more time on the work that is more important. Also, I can plan ahead and figure out which tasks I need to do first, before doing other tasks.

HUM: Unit 2 Reflection

During the “What is History?” unit, I realized which areas I was strong in and which areas I could improve in. Something I am strong in is understanding chronology and being able to place dates in chronological order. I think I am also strong in deciding whether a source is primary or secondary and backing up my opinion.

I find it hard to find the origin of a source sometimes, but if I think about it then I am able to identify it. I could also improve on backing up my opinion more and explaining it more so it’ll be clearer. To improve on my next assessment, I could make sure everything is clear and work faster. I need to work faster next time because at the end of this assessment, I was rushing it so if I keep doing that, it might affect what I write and whether it’s right or wrong.

HUM: Mapping Unit Assessments

Overall, I think I did pretty well on the test, because I understood everything and studied well for the test. The area that I think I am strongest in would be using a scale to figure out the real distance from one place to another, whether it is by road or air. I think I am strongest in this area because I understand how to use a scale, how to measure the distances. The area I was strongest in for my map was placing the BOLTS (border, orientation, legend, title and scale) although I could have improved on my borders and made them more realistic by making them more curved.

I think I did do as well as I could have on my test, but I did have some trouble with finding the location of places with longitude and latitude because it was hard to see what the coordinates were with such big gaps in between. I could have done better on my map by thinking more about where I placed my physical and human geographical features because sometimes I placed rivers in places where it wouldn’t be possible. I also could have made the map more aesthetically pleasing by using more of the space.

To do better next time, I could take the feedback I got on my assignments and tests and improve them by practicing, or learning from my mistakes. Next time, I could think more about how realistic the features would be. For my next test, I will continue to study well for it so I will understand and remember everything. If I don’t understand something, then I could ask my classmates or my teachers.