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Tuning into the New Unit: How the World Works

Today, our class started tuning in to our new unit, How the World Works, which is about the earth changing over time. Mrs. DC came in to help with writing down our  prior knowledg e and getting engaged into the uint. To help us, she gave us a statement – “Earth has changed over time” – and asked us to write down our thoughts about it.Then, we discussed as groups, watched a BrainPop video, and started an “I See, I Think and I Wonder” chart.

In this unit, appreciation is one of our attitudes. I think this relates to our unit because we have to appreciate the changes that happen in the world, whether we like it or not. We also need to appreciate the changes whether it is good or bad. The concepts – causation and change – relate to the unit because change is caused by something, whether we chose it or not. For example, if an earthquake occurred, it might have caused the roads to change.

Some things that I’m wondering about are:

  • What are some ways the earth has changed naturally or by natural disasters?
  • What would the world be like in a century?

This unit interests me because I don’t know much about the changes in the world over time, so it would be interesting for me to investigate on the natural changes, man made changes, etc.

Our Second Unit: How the World Works

“The way materials are used poses challenges and provides benefits for the society and environment.”

Last week, we finished our second unit, How the World Works. This unit lets us learn about the different materials, such as: plastic, wood, metal, rubber, etc. I liked this unit because I was able to develop my social group working skills.

During this unit, I learnt about metal, and found out about the benefits, challenges, uses, process, etc. of metal. I found all this quite interesting because I never thought about how metal was made, or what good or bad it does to us.

I learnt many different ways to present my information in this unit. For example, you have to use colours, borders, shapes, pictures, diagrams, charts, graphs. I put these skills in use for our summative assessment.

For our summative assessment, we had to work with people that weren’t in our class but were researching about the same material. I was working in a different classroom also. Together, we had to create a poster and present it at the Gallery Walk, which is like a Science Fair. Our poster colour was grey and we had a silver border. We used t-charts, text, pictures, labels, etc. Also, there was a document that we had to complete. It tracked our learning so every time we learned something new, we would type it in and date the entry. At the end, we had to type in how we showed our success during the summative assessment.

I think, I learned a lot on how to work in groups during this unit.