MATH: Assessment – Algebra Reflection

After looking at my pre-assessment and unit assessment, I can see that the main skill I learnt in this unit is simplifying equations. In my pre-assessment, I simplified “10m – 7m + 3m” as “(10-7+3)m”. Now, I know that the simplified version of that is supposed to be 6m. I also learnt about solving equations with variables on both sides. Before this unit, I wasn’t too sure about how to get all the variables on one side, but now I understand that you can just make a zero pair with the variable and do the same on the other side. For example, in the pre-assessment, I didn’t know how to solve “5 (x + 3) = 4x + 5” because I wasn’t sure about what to do with the variables. Now, I know you can subtract x from 4x and get all variables on one side.

Some concepts I found confusing in this unit was simplifying problems with multiplication and division. Sometimes, I got confused about how to join the variables together or get rid of them because it’s different from addition and subtraction. To study for them, I found extra practice problems in the textbook and worked on them until I felt like I could simplify easily. If I forgot how to do it, I would look back at the problems we did in class to refresh my memory.

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