MATH: Unit 2 Test – Rational Numbers Test

The rational numbers skills that I am best at are operations and using models/number lines to show the equation. I am able to solve operations by following BEDMAS and knowing how to add/subtract/multiply/divide for decimals or fractions. When given an equation I can draw out a number line or model to show how I got to the answer.

The skills I need to improve on are powers and estimating and spotting the mistake. When there is a rational number cubed or squared in a problem, I should make sure I know clearly whether it is cubed or squared because sometimes I make careless mistakes and forget or I do the multiplication wrong. I could improve on this by doing more practice by myself. I could improve on estimating and spotting the mistake by making sure I know how to do the problems correctly first, and then looking at them more closely.

A strategy that worked for me when learning the content in this unit is doing practice problems, and then going back later to check if my answers were correct or wrong. This worked for me because I was able to get practice and learn from my mistakes. I would like to try and not get distracted so easily while studying at home and focus more on what I am doing.

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