MATH: Swimming Problem Assessment Reflection

For this assessment, something I did well was recognizing the patterns. I found it quite easy as all I had to do was look at the pattern closely and see how it changed. Being able to recognize the patterns also helped me with some other problems, such as, seeing what the number of laps would be after a few days. Something else I did well was figuring out how to solve it when I was stuck. The best way I found was to just use trial and error because if I kept trying with reasonable numbers, then I would eventually figure out the answer, even though it might take up some time.

However, something I could improve on would be to calculate the total number of laps more accurately. Even though I used a calculator, I should still check over my answers more carefully next time. I could also improve on writing my explanations a bit more clearly because sometimes I felt like it would be hard to understand. To improve on this, I could try to use more math vocabulary and write my answers in a more straight forward way.

If I were to rank myself in terms of participation in class and collaboration with my group from 1 – 10, I would rank myself a 7.5. I did participate in class most of the time, but I think I could have participated even more. When collaborating with my group, I think I did well because I tried to help out and solve the problem with them. I also asked questions when I didn’t understand something.

Something I learnt about myself as a problem solver in this unit was that I could recognize patterns most of time if I looked at it closely. Although sometimes it took longer than other times, and sometimes I worked with someone else, I would still end up figuring it out. I also learnt that I could improve on trying to find formulas for patterns and writing clearer explanations.

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  1. Ms A

    Thank you for sharing your reflections! Trial and error is a technique that we use in many parts of our day to day life. I hope you can improve on your explanations for next time.

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