Grade 5

My Worst and Best Moments in Grade 5 (Top 3)

February 16, 2012

Worst Moments 1. Breaking my wrist I could not play soccer for more than one month and I was not happy. I went through a lot of pain. 2. Not being able to open up my locker. I was terrible at opening a locker in the first month of school and I was quite embarrassed. 3. Being chewed […]

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Grade 5 Lets Make It Happen Celebration Reflection

January 6, 2012

Yesterday, the grade 5 did two minute skits on a historical event. We had to show the perspectives of our chosen event. Alpha Adventurer 6, Alpha Adventurer 7 and Alpha Adventurer 8 were in my group. We chose the Berlin Wall as our historical event.  We were originally going to do a news cast but […]

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Ice Skating at Elements

December 13, 2011

Yesterday, we went ice skating in Elements. It took one hour to get there because we were stuck in a lot of heavy traffic. I had broken my hand so I could not skate, my friend Alpha Adventurer 24 had sprained his ankle so he could not skate either. We watched everybody skate from the […]

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The Hong Kong Coastal Defense Museum

November 22, 2011

Yesterday, we went to the The Hong Kong Coastal Defense Museum to explore more about our unit of inquiry and perspectives. We saw a few exhibits showing how Hong Kong took part in World War Two trying to defend itself from the Japanese.  We saw different perspectives such as Hong Kong’s perspective, China’s perspective and Japan’s […]

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Why Grade 5 is better than Grade 4

November 18, 2011

Grade five is better than grade four because you can get your macbooks and lockers. The lockers were a bit if an issue for me at first but once I got used to in and learn how to do it then I was better. The mac books are really awesome becasue you do not have […]

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