TOK: Arts, Science and Truth

by 042690 on November 17, 2017

Art v Science

This mini-essay brought up some interesting points but I though that one quote that summed it up well was that: “Art and sciences are inextricably linked: science can sometimes explain the beauty of art, and art is often used to convey scientific “truths” to the common man.” Both science and art has to be applicable to understand the real truth. Truth is not solely based on facts and information, but also involves other things as well that can be related to emotions. Science focuses more on the facts and information which explains reactions from humans whereas art can provide the emotional attachment to the same reactions and experiences.


Art v Truth

This essay talks analyses the claim that art provides truth and talks about how artists can convey the truth, even if it is biased. The way they communicate the truth is on a unique platform like no other. Art can transmit and show us the truth in many different ways, but truths can be asserted even if they have bias in them. It also examines how it is almost impossible to rid the arts of bias by brining up the point “The artists have their own responsibility to convey their truth, even if it is upon bias. Their method of communicating this ‘truth’ gives them a type of power because of it’s unique platform. Arts can transmit the truth in different ways possible, unique to the arts, truths can be asserted however often with bias hindering within.”

Both of these mini essays show that regardless of whether the art is truthful or not, there is knowledge that is produced from art. Every story has two sides, even if the truth is not necessarily a classification of one story. They both also represent art as a raw emotional experience for a human. Without art or without science, knowledge can still be produced as facts, but the facts that are produced will be missing something (whether it be statistical, numerical data or emotional qualitative data).


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