TOK: Imagination and Memory

by 042690 on September 22, 2017

Despite the imperfections of imagination and memory as ways of knowing, the Areas of Knowledge have developed in such as way as to overcome them. Discuss this claim with reference to at least two AOKs.

I think that the main AOK that has developed in a way to overcome the imperfections of imagination and memory is the natural sciences. In the natural sciences, we note down observations during the experiment as we observe them and use precise tools to record data we have collected. This overcomes imperfections as memory as scientists are not relying on memory further down the road when discussing these observations (as their memory might be incorrect or might not remember exactly what happened) but instead are relying on observations that they recorded when the experiment happened, which likely increases the chance of the observation being exactly as how the scientist saw it during the experiment. In the natural sciences, we rely on our imagination to come up with hypothesis before the experiment. However, scientists know that this is just their prediction for the experiment and will not necessarily always be true. Once the experiment has been completed, the hypothesis will be verified and this is where the imperfection of imagination will be countered. Scientists will comment on whether the hypothesis is valid or not and as a result the imagination that the scientist made prior to the experiment will be verified.






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