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by 042690 on May 7, 2017

I set a goal for myself to take 10,000 steps every day three times a week. I was unable to accurately measure this because I never had a step measuring counter when I played different sports so therefore I was limited to only measuring my steps when I walking around as supposed to doing sports.

Here are the days where I reached 10,000 steps without doing any sports. I would get 10,000 steps by doing other things such as walking around a city (I achieved a few days of 10,000 steps when I was on holiday in Los Angeles where I did lots of walking around the city).

IMG_3920 IMG_3919 IMG_3918 IMG_3917 IMG_3916 IMG_3915 IMG_3914 IMG_3913 IMG_3912 IMG_3911 IMG_3910 IMG_3909 IMG_3908 IMG_3907 IMG_3906 IMG_3905 IMG_3904 IMG_3903


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