TOK presentation self reflection

by 042683 on April 16, 2018

1. What were the strengths of your presentation?

I think the strengths of the presentation was showing the TOK thinking from the RLS, such as the implicit claims and subquestions we derived. The claims and counter claims also made sense, even though they were quite unrelated to the RLS.
2. What are some areas of improvement for your future presentation?

Main areas of improvement would be for the arguments to relate more closely to the RLS. In our presentation, we made 3 main arguments, each argument focusing on a different AOK, which resulted in three conclusions, one for each AOK. However our RLS only related to the natural sciences, so only one of our three conclusions were applied to the RLS, making all of our other arguments unnecessary. So next time I should try make the entire conclusion and all the arguments more relatable to the RLS.
3. How will you approach (plan/deliver) your future presentation

In my next presentation, I will try to talk more about the implications of our conclusions and how they will impact the RLS as well as other RLSs

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