Healthy Habits Final Reflection

Were you able to continue with your selected habits for the entire semester?

Overall, I believe that my dedication towards weekly healthy habits was a little inconsistent. For example, on some weeks I would work extra hard and surpass the original expectations whereas for other weeks I would be slacking a little. In addition, there were some days where I decided not to accomplish the goal (such as sleeping earlier) due to a number of assessments assigned.

Was this experience useful in promoting health and wellness into your life.

Personally, I think that the idea of the constant reminder of health and wellness was useful in promoting a positive attitude/mindset in terms of the goals I wrote out. However, the technology bit (Instagram) was a bit of a fuss.

Will you try to continue to implement some of the habits into your daily lives?

Yes, I believe that receiving enough sleep would be the most useful to my everyday life and allowing myself to stay more awake during class. Furthermore, weekly exercises would be great as I would have a chance to stand up more often and move.

If you were to do this again, what would you change? 

No use of Instagram. I don’t see the point of it and most of the time, I forgot to post nearly all my photos.

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