Time line for P.I

by 042674 on June 6, 2012

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The Mona Lisa code

by 042674 on May 19, 2012

The Mona Lisa code is a fascinating painting that was painted by non other then Leonardo Da Vinci. What is really intriguing is that it took him 16 years to paint this and he did not do the painting in one place he moved from place to place and he still kept it in his possession. Now you are probably wondering why the Mona Lisa is so famous, to answer that question because of the identity of the Mona Lisa. No one know who she is and if she is a person or 2 or 3 people combined into one picture. In Leonardo Da Vinci’s notes are all mirror written, we think its because he was worried that a person would steal his ideas. On one of the shows that I watched yesterday was that they had found out that there were hinden numbers and letters on the actual Mona Lisa. Under the Devil Bridge is the number 72 and on you left is the letter S and on your right is the letter L. Some people are trying to find out what those 2 letters stand for and frankly I thought long and hard about it and you know how in the time the 2 same gender were not aloud to get married so maybe he hid his lover in his paintings and the reason most of the researcher and I think is because when they got a photo of what some people say is Leonardo Da Vinci love and his nick name is salai. The most interesting part is that if you scramble the words Mona Lisa you get Mon Salai. The big question is that did Leonardo Da Vinci art the Mona Lisa’s identity is his Secret lov Salai ( nick name) is the Mona Lisa?


Thank You!!!

by 042674 on May 17, 2012

Thank you all of my watchers and please keep looking at my blog and the best part is that when ever I do something interesting I will let you know and all the news I know of  I will let you know.


My Extreme personal Inquiry

by 042674 on May 9, 2012

A personal inquiry is when we inquire into a different question that we are learning about. You can choose to answer the question in anyway you like. Your teacher chooses a subject of their choice and then we have to create a question that is related to our teacher’s choice. Once we have come up with our question, we try to answer it.

This personal inquiry is about the children in the Philippines. My question is what are the different ways we can help the children in the Philippines. I decided to present my question in Prezi. Prezi is a website that lets you create presentations, and you can share them with other people around the globe that are also using Prezi. One day while Mr. Brown was discussing with us about the different ways we can present our findings, he said too many people were using Prezi, so he suggested some of us to use another way to present our question. Since not many people were doing podcasts and the dead line wasn’t until 4 weeks later, I decided to make a podcast instead.

To start, I had to make a script so when I recorded my podcast I’d know what to say. I brainstormed some ideas that would be important for me to say in my podcast. I was planning to say present my podcast like a news report. Once I proof read it, I let Mr.Brown look at it. He changed pretty much everything so I had to start again and the second time I showed Mr.Brown, he said it was okay so I started recording. Just after I had finished recording, it was almost times up. The next period I started putting music in the background of my podcast it so it would sound just like a news report. After I added the music, then I was finished. Well, almost finished .. since I still had to present it. There were two ways to present it to the class. It was either a gallery walk or a presentation in front of everyone. I chose to do a gallery walk. After a couple of days, I presented and I got valuable feedback.

I will remember the feedback that people gave me the next time I do another podcast and hopefully I will make it better with the comments that people have given me.

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by 042674 on May 7, 2012

A PSA stands for Public Service Announcement. We did a PSA because we had a unit of inquiry and we needed to show our understanding on this unit. The teachers decided that we can show our understanding in the same form of a PSA. Most of us worked very hard on it and it took us some time but we managed to finish it! It is our best work yet and we posted it on youtube and it is open for the public to see. We are also using Youtube to count how many people have watched our PSAs. I think that we did very well because at the end of the day, we watched all of the PSAs and all of them are really good. Here is mine and can you tell me what I can improve on it so next time I am doing another PSA I can improve on it.




by 042674 on April 19, 2012

Yesterday we had a student led learning review. A student learning review is a time where parents get to skip a couple of hours of work to come to school and see what we are learning. It is called SLLR because we get to show out parents what we are learning not ur teachers. There is a lot of preparation for this event. Fist of all we have to set a time slot where our parents come in, there are usually 4 families at a time. Also we can m iss school for the day. That means there will be more time and spaces for parents to come in. we also have to set up everything and decide what are we going to show out parents. We usually make a schedule and  it has to be finished in a hour.

When I did my SLLR, it was 9:00-10:00 and both my parents were really excited to see what I have been learning.  When it was 9:00 I felt nervous, my heart started beating so fast. Then I settled my parents down. I went to  get my laptop and I showed them my blog. Then I showed them how to make a post and also how to change my header photo. After that I showed my parents assignment. I showed them how it works and I showed my dad what a functional relationship  is. For my example a problem is )( x y +or-2+ no.of trips. My dad did not understand this but eventually, he had figured it out and that took 20min.Next I showed them an Imovie clip I had made earlier and I  showed them how imovie works. That took me another 20min. I showed them my Chinese, but I didn’t speak Chinese because my dad doesn’t understan, That took me 10 min. The last thing I showed them was my sculpting skills by showing the techniques of building a sculpture and that took me 5min. I taught them some French vocabulary and then it was times up. I was so happy, that it was ever!


SLLR’s practice

by 042674 on April 12, 2012

Yesterday we had a learning review. A learning review is when our parents comes in a we show them what we do in school.  It went good and my parents were very interested and they were especially interested in my computer. My mom said that I need to work on my writing and spelling.


Chinese voice thread

by 042674 on April 11, 2012

This is a voice thread that was made by an anonymous person.  If you don’t know Chinese then watch the second one. The English voice thread  is on  another post. P.s the English voice thread starts with a Sch— — —. Whoever figures the missing letters out will get to be written about on my blog. Let the challenge begin!!!!




by 042674 on April 9, 2012

Today I watched the movie” Lorax.” This movie’s story was originally written  by Dr. Suess, but they made it into a cartoon. I have always loved Dr.Suess. Now I know what you are thinking, you’re thinking that I will write a review about it on my blog then it will spoil the movie for you. All I can say is that it is about the environment and it is mostly about trees. So watch it whenever it arrives in your country.


Our new U.O.I

by 042674 on April 8, 2012

We the 5D dynamos had just started a new unit of inquire(U.O.I). Our new U.O.I  is sharing the planet. The central idea is ” Action can  support or deny access to children’s right and opportunities. It is all about child all around the world. We are mostly talking about child labore. We are doing a little project about child heros. We are now reading a book call Iqbal.

I got this from my sister and she said it was okay and here is her link: http://sites.cdnis.edu.hk/students/042675/