End of School Year Reflection/May Tests

9 Mus 2 Theory Test May Looking back at all my tests in May, I now know that I have improved with both my playing tests and theory test compared to Mid term tests. My playing test had many improvements compared to semester 1. The scales test was one of my strongest areas, I managed to score at least over a 5. The scales that I decided to play were simple and not too hard for me to understand. I yet am able to play in time with the tempo for the majority of…continue reading →

Ternary Composition Final: A Link to the Past 042671

Score Sheet Reflection: During this unit, we have been working on our compositions. We had 4 separate stages to help us create our final composition. I found this unit to be very fun since we were able to use a variety of melodies and rhythms for our composition. When creating my composition, I had occurred many challenges but I managed to over come them. I first had my first draft with what I thought had a nice melody. However, from the feedback on that day I realized that my composition wasn't good enough. I had…continue reading →

Stella By Starlight Jazz Solo: Final

Jazz Solo Sheet - Jason Hon 9MUS2 Reflection on Composition Process: During this unit, we were introduced to jazz and for our summative we had to create a 32 bar jazz solo with the given chords. I found the jazz composition to be more challenging than my ternary compositions because in our ternary we are able to use many different types of rhythms and we weren't that limited. However, I enjoyed this unit since I do like to listen to jazz. I like how jazz has many swings and the people who play jazz are…continue reading →

Music: 8 Bar Composition Draft

It would be great if my peers would leave comments and feedback of my composition. Please clearly state what was good about my composition, why you liked it and some places where I could improve. Composing an 8 Bar Song Sheet  continue reading →

Reflection of the Music Playing Test December

Playing Test: During the music playing test in December, we were told that we needed to remember five different scales, the chromatic scale and the song 118 in our music book. Personally, I think I didn't reach the standards to achieve a high mark on this test. This is because while playing the scales, I had forgotten one scale and I accidentally replayed it over again. This would deduct more marks from me and would have a large impact on my final mark. Adding on, I also stuttered a lot and paused many…continue reading →