Population Pyramids

1. They would want to know if the population is at its maximum and if they should control it Population makers would want to study why the population is expanding or decreasing They would also have to decide to expand or not due to the population growth or decreases 2. Canada’s population is stable and at an average at the bottom of the pyramid because Canada had an early access to better technology and medicine than developing countries in the past 40 years. Bolivia’s population is larger at the bottom and smaller at…continue reading →

Gapminder’s Population Statistics

I wanted to see the difference between High-technology exports vs. the income per person. I used an application or a website on the internet called gapminder to see if the high-technology exports had an affect on the income per person. The data that was identified was shown on a graph. On gapminder, I noticed that the graph was a positive correlation between the two variables. Thus as the high-technology exports increased, the income per person increased as well. As time went by, I noticed that South Asia has the highest technology exports and the highest income per…continue reading →

Are increasing rates of Urbanisation a good thing?

Throughout the years, urbanisation changed the world of how we lived. There are two positives and two negatives to why urbanisation helped changed the world and also how it harmed the world. The two positives are efficiency and convenience, as well for negatives it is poor living conditions and air pollution. Urbanisation helped people make us finding and using resources more efficiently. Cities are supplied with fresh water, food and electricity. Cities are now capable of having a recycling system where they can sanitise the city and clean it so more tourist would be attracted. Apartments…continue reading →

Do you think most countries would follow a similar trend? why?

Other countries would most likely follow the similar trend like the United Kingdom. Different countries would have drastic moments in their history that would cause the population to fluctuate. To understand if a certain country had it's population changed, geographers has to look into the history of the country and what caused it to vary. I do agree that it takes time for the population of developed and developing countries to reach it's maximum and the developing countries control their population. For instances the British attempted to capture America in 1775 to 1783, meaning the…continue reading →

What is Geography and why is it important

Geography is important because people study the Earth's physics, landscape, the features of the Earth and the inhabitants. Geography helps us draw a map or a picture of what the Earth is inside and out. Without geography, we wouldn't be able to discover and survey new lands, mountains, deserts, oceans, forests and jungles. If we didn't discover these areas, we wouldn't be able to understand the Earth's climate and how to Earth works. We wouldn't also be able to expand our civilisation since we wouldn't know what to expect from these locations. Next,…continue reading →