Service as Action G.10

[Worked with the school to help them with new student interviews ranging from pre-reception to grade 2] I grew through this service by learning how to organize documents and working with a team. These two skills will be important for my coming future since I'm planning to work in a team often. Having this experience will help me in the future when I do consider following my original plans. Moreover, I continued to grow by learning how to give assistance to people. Occasionally, parents would ask me for directions, guidance for filling out…continue reading →

Pre-Trip Reflection

While at Fiji, I think I would learn a lot about the Fijian culture, the environmental issues and the global collaboration and cooperation. Being a global citizen means to be helpful and you must commit to help the community. Multiculturalism would mean people who have different types of cultures and its important because we can know who would still follow the culture. I decided to travel to this trip because first of all Fiji is a nice place and very beautiful. Secondly, there are many CAS activities such as the school improvement activity.…continue reading →