I have performed compassion, respect, and empathy towards the needs of others, hence performing various acts to consider myself as being caring. Firstly, looking at the first evidence, I join the interact club for the year 2016 – 2017. I participated in fundraisers, volunteering work inside and outside of school. For example, donating food for the food drive, volunteering at the family fun fair, and tutoring local school students English. This club has allowed me to show my respect and empathy towards others. By learning how to help each other through donations and tutoring children, bringing a beneficial impact to a society. The second evidence is a CAS trip to Fiji in 2015. During the trip, I was able to understand the act of a positive difference that will have an impact on a society. For example, we were assigned to create a pathway for the MuloMulo primary school in Fiji. Creating a pathway to for students to walk on to avoid the heat on the ground and a safe place to walk. From this, I was able to understand how creating a pathway to help students walk to their classes easier, brought a beneficial impact on their society.

Evidence 1: Interact Club


Evidence 2: Cas Week Fiji 2015

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