Healthy Habits


Disconnect 1 hr before going to bed.


Use an app to help motivate you to be more active like a fitness program app or activity tracker (e.g strava, runtastic, 7 minute workout, moves).


Swap sugary drinks (soda, gatorade, etc.) for water as much as possible.

Term 2 Design Reflection [D4.0 Reflection on iFolio]

To what extent has the film raised the target audiences knowledge and understanding of how the theme/event influenced the central characters?

The documentary was successful at raising the target audience’s knowledge and understanding of the theme/event that influenced the central characters. The topic of our documentary is about “Hong Kong in the 1960s.” My group and I focused on the important events during the 60s that changed the majority of people’s lives either in a positive or negative perspective. Through the interviews, we were successful at demonstrating how these impacts in the 60s affected these individuals. We gave a balance of 2 negatives and 1 positive perspective to help the audience understand both sides of the situation. Moreover, the narration of the documentary provided enough context for the audience to have a better understanding and further developed knowledge on the situation. We looked at a  variety of sources in order to provide detailed facts and information for context. All these changes and decisions we made for our documentary helped influence the central characters because all these facts provided by our primary and secondary sources are relevant. Hence being more relatable to the purpose of this documentary and what the central characters were experiencing at that period of time.

Term 1 Design Reflection [A0.0 Reflection on Heartbeat Term 2 Design]

Looking back at the term 1 design project for G.10, we had to design a heart valve that allows one-way flow and prevents backflow. There were some areas where I could improve and apply it to other projects, such as managing my time. This is because I pushed everything back to the last minute and didn’t follow my Gantt chart which supposedly helps me manage my time. For this next design project, I want to fully utilize the Gantt chart in order to manage my time effectively and reduce the amount of stress. Moreover, the work I did in class to create an effective design of a heart valve was not enough. After demonstrating the heart valve to my target audience, I noticed how my peers had unique and interesting designs. Most of them took inspiration from valves with pumps, spring loaded doors etc. However, I based my design off of actual artificial heart valve used for patients. The grades I received were what I was expecting. From this, I could apply the same techniques and skills that I learned from the previous design unit and apply them to this unit to achieve the same grades. In conclusion, I understand that I scored some of the highest marks for design, but there are some areas where I could improve such as following my Gantt chart for better time management.