Waste Not, Want Not (SketchUp) II

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This is a digital design of the Apple Packaging that we designed earlier today. It is not an exact replica of the actual package, but it is close enough without being way off the mark. Geometry can allow us to reduce our carbon by allowing us to figure out what kind of shapes we should use that both allow us to make an appealing package for a product, while using the least amount of un-recyclable materials. It also allows us to make informed decisions on what materials should be used to make the packaging.

Waste Not, Want Not

Apple Packaging












Criteria for a Good Package:

1. Easy to Open: The Package is Sealed and will therefore ensure that the apple inside will remain fresh for a while longer. Although one must have scissors to open the package, and this might be a problem if one does not have scissors available to them.

2. Secure: Because the Package is sealed, the package inside will not fall out by accident.

3. Contents should be Obvious: the package is sealed and is therefore not obvious to the buyer

4. Ergonomic: This package is not ergonomic because one needs scissors to open the package, and scissors are most likely not carried on person at all times of the day.

5. Protective: It somewhat protects the apple inside, but because it’s paper, the protection is not the best protection available.

6. Appropriate Size: The package is on it’s own lightweight, and it is small and compact. Therefore it is the minimal waste available, while being the appropriate size to store an apple.

7. Attractive: The package is somewhat attractive, for it has a somewhat comic appearance.

8. Light: The Package is made of paper and is therefore very light and does not add any excess weight.

9. ¬†Durable: The Package is very durable, it was tested by dropping it and the apple. In the end, the apple was still in one piece and the package retained it’s shape.

Learning Through Math

Grade 8 has been great so far (no pun intended), the teachers are nice and the classes are fun, more or less. Now lets talk more about math, so far, we have learned how to do percentages and recently we have done a test. So far, I have learned a great deal on markups, discounts, percents, interest, retail price investments and many other helpful mathematical tools. Presently, there is one question that remains in my mind, how can I improve and solidify my understanding of percentages. I find myself as a pretty forgetful person, and when I do not practise, I forget and lose a valuable skill. Therefore I need to find a way to keep my present knowledge intact and functioning at full capacity. I was also able to acquire some new vocabulary such as wholesale price, principal, revenue. I also learned how to effectively operate Microsoft Excel as well as how to put down data and to make graphs on excel as well as other tricks of the trade.

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