Grade 8 has been great so farĀ (no pun intended), the teachers are nice and the classes are fun, more or less. Now lets talk more about math, so far, we have learned how to do percentages and recently we have done a test. So far, I have learned a great deal on markups, discounts, percents, interest, retail price investments and many other helpful mathematical tools. Presently, there is one question that remains in my mind, how can I improve and solidify my understanding of percentages. I find myself as a pretty forgetful person, and when I do not practise, I forget and lose a valuable skill. Therefore I need to find a way to keep my present knowledge intact and functioning at full capacity. I was also able to acquire some new vocabulary such as wholesale price, principal, revenue. I also learned how to effectively operate Microsoft Excel as well as how to put down data and to make graphs on excel as well as other tricks of the trade.