End of Year Drama Reflections

This Year, I think that I have improved greatly in my Drama and acting skills. This is because at first, I stuck only to the roles that suited me, not the roles that challenged me. I need to take the roles that challenge me, not the ones that suites me. In the last Drama role that I had, I stepped out of my shell to become a totally different person. My character was Sampson, a hot-headed, arrogant, boastful young man, who I am completely different from. He also has one of the important roles. My progress this year in Drama in terms of a metaphor would be that my journey is a planet, rotating to come out into the light and constantly orbiting around the sun. In my case, constantly learning from my peers and teachers as well as coming out from my shell and taking on new challenges. The biggest strength about me as a Drama student would be that I can sometimes see the bigger picture and I can reason with the group if we get into an argument. The biggest thing I want to work on next year is to choose more bigger roles that I will have challenges with.

Drama Shakespearean Skits


This video shows the end product of my group’s efforts to make a re-enactment of a Romeo and Juliet Scene. We were first paired up in our groups, at first, I thought that my group wouldn’t get much done, but I was then proven seriously wrong. After we were all acquainted with each other, our Drama teacher gave my group a three page long script! At first, I thought I couldn’t memorise all of my lines and I wouldn’t be able to find anything to annotate on the script. I was again proven wrong, I practised the script with my group so much, that in the end I could memorise all my lines. I also annotated most of the script, inputing my ideas as well as the groups decisions. We have spent many Drama classes working on these and now I can honestly say that I am proud of what we had done.

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