Personal Aspects

  1. Balanced

On top of academics, I also do other things that interest me in my spare time, like music, physical activities, helping out with clubs and other sorts of activities that help me lead a balanced lifestyle.

For example, I am a major competitive player of both the CDNIS boys division 2 tennis team and the HKFC junior division team B, which shows just how much dedication I put into keeping up with both tennis teams on top of my academics.

Displaying image1.JPG

Displaying image2.JPGI also have joined the school’s wind philharmonic band, and take private lessons outside; which sometimes leads to performing out of school. Therefore I must keep myself balanced in order to attend both of these, and to perform at any performances that come up.

I also have joined GIN clubs at CDNIS such as the Reading Tree and UNICEF, and I have participated in helping do events such as the Reading Tree’s mid-autumn festival booth at CDNIS, UNICEF’s Gr. 4 poverty simulation and more. I have to balance the meetings and events of these clubs with the rest of my timetable, which can only be done if I am able to keep my life balanced.

2. Risk-Taker

On my resume, you can see that I joined the Duke of Edinburgh program. The main reason for me doing this was to try something that was way out of my comfort zone, because I usually do not like to leave the stray too far from my daily schedule and lifestyle. Therefore I feel that going on such independent and unfamiliar excursions is a big risk that I am taking personally. In addition, for AYP, I am required to do a service. However I do not usually do service, so me doing my service now (taking care of guide dogs) is something new that I am trying with enthusiasm this year. Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

3. Principaled

Apart from winning the IB learner profile award for Principled in 2016, I believe that I have a strong sense of responsibility and fairness. An example of when my sense of responsibility and fairness came out was when I accidentally made a mistake in band practise and despite knowing the consequence of being publicly shamed, I still singled myself out knowing that I was the one who committed the mistake. In addition, I take my responsibilities very seriously, for example when I was missing a piece of equipement during a AYP expedition; I did not rest until I found that piece of equipement. Image may contain: 3 people

4. Caring

For both of my upper school CAS trips, while some of my friends were travelling to New Zealand or Australia to have fun, I have travelled to places like Myanmar and Bali. It was in these places where I taught local children english, and found fun and pride in doing so.  Therefore me actually making an effort in helping others during my CAS trip, when I could have been having fun with friends shows how much I want to make a difference in people’s lives. Furthermore for AYP, I have chosen to do a service where I am helping a larger community by taking care of a future guide dog. As these dogs will be very young, they will need lots of care, thus showing how much I feel about animals and helping my community.

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5. Reflective

Apart from winning the IB learner profile award for Reflective in 2014, I take my experiences from my CAS trips and my assignments at school to help me gain a better understanding of who I am, and the person I want to be. As I reflect on my experiences, I actually reflect on what I did/didn’t do. These reflections help prepare me to do better next time, and help me learn what to avoid. An example is that when I went to Bali to teach kids this year, I was able to draw upon last year’s experience teaching kids in Myanmar to help me better teach this year. DSC_3853 (1)

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