Month: March 2017

Interconnected Documentary Reflection

The film that we created documenting the experiences of our relatives has significantly raised the target audiences knowledge and understanding of how the the central characters struggle to overcome hardships in life has influenced them. The way this has been done is that we utilised the most compelling and emotionally evoking parts of each interview, to allow the audience more opportunities to connect with the interviewees stories. We did this because we as a team believed that the best way to make an impact the audience, and to give them a better understanding of the central character’s stories, was to make it so that the audience could individually find a personal link between their own lives or the lives of their relatives and the central characters. As a result, the link that the audience made then allows the audience to better understand the amount of effort, torment, shame, strength and other virtues that one’s relatives must have endured/shown in order to be where they are today. The atmosphere created by the shot-selection, use of a yellow-ish tone in the videos and the music allowed us to create a somber mood which ensured that the audience understood that this was a serious matter. This helped us make more of an impact on the audience, since the seriousness of the documentary will ensure they pay attention to the details of the central character’s stories, and eventually allow them to understand the situations, hardships, goals and individual journeys of the central characters.

Service Learning Outcome Questions

I was able to persevere in action by experimenting with different kinds of services, like teaching kids english in Myanmar and Bali and helping out with club activities and planning. While I did not do much in Gr. 8, I have made an effort to increase my participation in service related activities around school. Furthermore, since I joined the AYP programme this year in Gr. 10, I have been able to “force” myself to become more active in what is happening around the school, and have also become more active in doing various services both inside and out of school. Throughout most of these services, I have worked with my peers and sometimes people who I do not know to complete the tasks given to me. Each time, I was able to work well with the people in my group to accomplish the tasks by providing my insight, ideas and my 100% effort when trying to finish a task.

March Music Reflection

I believe that so far, I have improved in my abilities to sight read pieces. Initially I was terrible at sight-reading and had great difficulties in trying to read music I never saw beforehand, however through multiple times of having to sight read new pieces in music, I am able to play more of a piece while sight-reading. While sight-reading, I am able to correctly play the dynamics consistently.  This is because I am able to control my diaphragm so that I can easily change how loud I am playing the dynamics. However this is hindered by my shortcomings at rhythm accuracy, because I often get confused by how long I should play certain notes or how the beats change when the time signatures change. Therefore whenever I run into one of the above problems, I cannot play the rhythm right. However once I know what the rhythm will sound like, I can model my playing to fit the rhythm.

To improve, I think that if I practise more and play more pieces, I will be able to play better and read notes more accurately. As of this moment, I am trying to get more practise in to improve my technique and to hone my skills in reading the notes and coordinating my fingers into the right positions to play the right notes. Right now, my private practise sessions are random, and depend on whether I am really busy or not. However I usually practise at least once a week, because I also take music outside of school and that requires my attention as well.

In terms of inspiration sources, many singers have inspired me to improve musically, however I think that it is my saxophone teacher that really inspires me to play better saxophone specifically. The reason for this is because she is always able to play songs which I have no hope at playing right the first time through with ease, and is always patient with me when we go through songs. Therefore her skills and patience have inspired me to better my own saxophone skills so that I can also amaze people by being able to play my saxophone better.

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